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Summer Garden

St. Petersburg, Russia
5 / 5
The oldest city park of the XVIII century, founded under Peter the Great. The first sculptures appeared here in 1707. In the years of the king’s life was used as his summer residence. With each subsequent ruler, the garden grew and eventually turned into a picturesque example of park art. Under Elizabeth, the territory was open to public visits (during the absence of the empress).
Summer Garden
Summer Garden
Address:набережная Лебяжьей канавки, Санкт-Петербург
Phone:+7 812 595-42-48

Emma Louise

You can spend hours there and make hundreds of amazing pictures. Please don't go from Saint Petersburg without visiting it

Vinh Phuc

The Summer Garden (Russian: Ле́тний сад, Letniy sad) occupies an island between the Fontanka, Moika, and the Swan Canal in Saint Petersburg, Russia an.. Read more »

Martin Salter

Relaxing, very pleasant walks in peaceful gardens, puntuated with wonderful fountains and statuary. Several eating establishments. No admission charge.. Read more »

john john spolt

beautiful!! its very scenic and has many pretty fountains

Artur Kagan

Free entry, beautiful place

Isaac Leavitt

Classic St Petersburg feature. One of those places you can't just skip over on a trip here.

Venkatesh Viswanathan

Nice park and worth visiting

Hanadi Solieman

Fresh air, crowded, a lot of fountains, well maintained and nicely decorated

Maksim Peshev

Amazingly beautiful spot. Worth visiting daily

Elena Blackmore

Loved the garden. Beautiful sculptures amidst a well-designed park, complimented by occasional fountains and random musicians. This is a must see in S.. Read more »

Aaron Bogott

The summer garden is absolutely fantastic this summer and it's upkeep had not suffered because of the COVID-19. In fact the summer garden was free for.. Read more »

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