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Strahov Monastery

Prague, Czech Republic
4.1 / 10
The cloister was built for the monastic order of Premonstrants in the XII century. It is located close enough to the Prague Castle, so it could not avoid damage during the Hussite wars, the storming of the fortress during the Thirty Years War and other battles. There is a large library on the territory of the monastery, where 2.5 thousand ancient manuscripts are stored, including the Strahov Gospel of the 9th century.
Strahov Monastery
Address:Strahovské nádvoří 1/132, Praha 1
Phone:+420 233 107 704

David Dancey

A beautiful monastery lying between Petrin and Prague Castle. Strahov Monastery boasts one of the most beautiful libraries in Europe, with curiositie.. Read more »

Ivan Simeonov

An amazing place to visit, disclosing the treasure of it's unique Baroque library halls to unsuspecting tourists.

Bas Idsinga

Very beautifull

Judith Miller

Very beautiful library and definitely worth a visit. However, it's a pity that you can't take photos inside for free (extra cost of 50 CZK) and that y.. Read more »

Georgina Ducet Puente

Not bad but unfortunately paying a ticket was compulsory to enter the library (with no proper student discount). We would just recommend for the views.. Read more »

Andrea De Marinis

6€ ticket and you can just see the library from outside, from behind a rope!!! If you want to take a photo 2 more euro!!! ??‍♂️ You can have a better .. Read more »

Kalina Tyrkiel

A little bit off the beaten track, definitely a must go if you’re staying in Praha 6. The Bellavista restaurant on the hill is a nice place to sit dow.. Read more »

Mico Milanovic

The monestary church is very beautiful, but the library collection is actually what drew me to the site. It is well worth the extra money to book a pr.. Read more »


Is it worth the money? Yes and no. The library is very small and limited to one corridor. You won't see much. The gallery, on the other hand, has much.. Read more »

Benedict Uy

We came up and had a look around the outside. We ended up going to the garden on the end with incredible views of the city. The entrance to the monast.. Read more »

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