Strahov Monastery

Prague, Czech Republic
4.5 / 10
The cloister was built for the monastic order of Premonstrants in the XII century. It is located close enough to the Prague Castle, so it could not avoid damage during the Hussite wars, the storming of the fortress during the Thirty Years War and other battles. There is a large library on the territory of the monastery, where 2.5 thousand ancient manuscripts are stored, including the Strahov Gospel of the 9th century.
Strahov Monastery
Address:Strahovské nádvoří 1/132, Praha 1
Phone:+420 233 107 704


Disappointed. The library is beautiful but they don't actually let you go into either large room. You just have to look in from a small doorway, which means that you can't see that much and it is quite crowded with people. To be honest, the photos yo.. Read more »


Beautiful and easy to reach from the tram (22). The library we couldn't visit because it was reserved for other guests, which we understand is fairly usual. The gallery inside the monastery is beautiful (ancient walls and chambers). From 11.30 to 13.. Read more »


Small monastery with great views over town and cute buildings. They make their own beer and the restaurants on the property serve it. It’s a bit of a mall up from the river so you’ll be thirsty and hungry so it’s the right combination!


Definitely worth the visit. The library is a site to behold. It’s like a mini Sistine Chapel.You can book a private tour and go inside the library otherwise you have to remain at the door to take your pictures. The artifacts that they collected shows.. Read more »


Check this place out. So many amazing things to see and the best thing is it was free. There are many things to see and take photos in the near area. I will be back because there is so much to see I know I might have missed something.


Hi we visited here but we didn't purchase any entry tickets to view the library or picture gallery. There is access to the chapel at the monastery and it's an impressive building as per the pictures. There are a number of bars and restaurants outsid.. Read more »


Two marvelous libraries, centuries old but beautifully renovated. We did not book a tour so were unable to walk through the libraries. Various display cases with insects, animal skeletons and gorgeous books. Right to take photographs costs a small su.. Read more »


You can spend your whole morning in the monastery complex. They have a nice gallery that you enter through the courtyard behind the church. The Strahov library is also beautiful! When you get hungry you can go to their brewery and try their famous St.. Read more »


Take the tram to visit this monastery. Walking from the Charles bridge is a steep uphill climb. Worth visiting but unfortunately you cannot enter the library rooms. You can just look in through the doorway. We visited when there were not too many peo.. Read more »


We came up and had a look around the outside. We ended up going to the garden on the end with incredible views of the city. The entrance to the monastery was through an archway on the side of the building, with a lion statue holding a shield. We ende.. Read more »


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