Stoa of Attalos

Athens, Greece
4.6 / 8
Covered two-story colonnade, erected in the II century BC The construction was commissioned by the king of Pergamon, Atall, who studied in Athens in his youth (for young descendants of the royal families of the Mediterranean, this was a common practice at that time). In ancient times, standing served as a place for walks of citizens. From here it was possible to observe the square and streets of Athens, as well as various festive processions.
Stoa of Attalos
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The building is really well renovated. It's an exact copy of the original as we understood. Recommend visiting it and the museum inside. The whole ancient Agora has many things to explore


Beaut!!! Would give it 10 stars if I could. Really takes you back to where democracy began. You can feel history come alive here. Also, give the museum a visit. Well worth the extra time.


Great museum. Great collection of items from 1k to over 2k years old. Very nice building with good displays. Don't miss the floor beams of the second floor. They are massive glue lam beams roughly 3' x2.5' and over 20' long.


Wonderful historic place


Fantastic reconstruction of ancient building, nice museum full of Greek artefacts


Walking experience in the past as a ancient Greek. Only stars because the first floor is closed (permanently).


Great architecture


The open hall is cool but the exhibits weren’t too interesting to me. It’s a nice shaded place to sit and take a break.


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