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Stoa of Attalos

Athens, Greece
4.8 / 12
Covered two-story colonnade, erected in the II century BC The construction was commissioned by the king of Pergamon, Atall, who studied in Athens in his youth (for young descendants of the royal families of the Mediterranean, this was a common practice at that time). In ancient times, standing served as a place for walks of citizens. From here it was possible to observe the square and streets of Athens, as well as various festive processions.
Stoa of Attalos
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Sarah E-C

Absolutely breathtaking!


Many structures inside... the first building with 2 floors at that era... temple of Hyfestus (the best maintained temple of that era) and many more.

Vladimir Balaz

The stoa seems suspiciously new. It is, of course, reconstruction. But you can obtain a feeling, how such place looked and operated in ancient Greece... Read more »

Chronis Papachristou

The "Stoa of Attalos" (on the east side of the Ancient Agora), was a gift of Attalos II (King of Pergamon). It is a building 120m wide and 20m deep wi.. Read more »

Cornelia Kaisers

Wonderful architecture

Eleni Kyriakopoulou

Magnificent! Evokes an era of democracy in action!

Xiyu Chen

Very nice building with a great view from the upper floor.

Anthony Manmohan

Disabled access and toilets here. Exhibition on first floor. Awesome building.

Cal Price

This is all in the Agora Park pay one fee of 10 per adult and you can walk around the whole area. Its pretty big and there are lot of old ancient thin.. Read more »

Marina Romero

Beautiful reconstruction and very interesting museum to visit. Part of the ancient agora complex

Dirk Sommer

Nice small restaurated church.

Mark Maceda

make sure to walk up to the second floor to get some really beautiful views

Galyna Turrell

One of the main attractions in the Athens. The beautiful place but... I had to raise a compliance when I seen as the member of staff peed on the ruins.. Read more »

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