Stavropoleos Monastery Church

Bucharest, Romania
4.8 / 5
One of the most respected temples in Bucharest, which arose in 1724 during the reign of Nicholas Fanariot. The architecture of the building is an elegant and picturesque Brynkovyan style, which is very characteristic of some historical buildings of Bucharest. The Byzantine style prevails in the interior design. The church is decorated with frescoes, elaborate wooden and stone sculptures and beautiful paintings.
Stavropoleos Monastery Church
Address:Strada Stavropoleos 4, București
Phone:+40 21 313 4747


An old Greek church built in the heart of Bucharest. Entry cost: free to enter and enjoy Size: quite small inside with about enough room for 15 people. Pros: it looks stunning to the eye, it’s just one things that makes your head turn. Cons: surrou.. Read more »


A holy place indeed, somehow we managed to get there during a prayer and it felt uplifting


Very old and well kept. Apparently no one understands the hymns.


Nice old monastery very particular, it's one of the main place that you should visit in Bucarest!! A part of the beautiful architecture the monastery has a beautiful garden inside.


Small and quiet, there is some interesting artwork inside. Each wall has different artwork to admire so it is essential you arrive when the monastery is open. Outside the building is worth admiring from an architectural view. This is located in th.. Read more »


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