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Stavropiysky convent

Zhytomyr, Ukraine
4.8 / 5
Stavropiysky convent
Address:вул. Соснова, 13 А, Житомир
Phone:+380 412 467 478

Владимир Костюк

Large well-groomed area. Around the forest and the birds are singing. Beggars are sitting in front of the gate. The central temple of beautiful archit.. Read more »


A very beautiful monastery, beautiful, well-groomed territory around, but I did not like the fact that as soon as we put a candle, it was after 2 minu.. Read more »

Наталья Чиненная

Great place, beautiful monastery. Look for the best place on earth! A lot of love and work is invested in it. Wedding processions come there to be pho.. Read more »

Master Tentator

The monastery was opened in the spring of 1999. It was built on the ruins of the former count's estate on Malovanka, where an anti-tuberculosis sanato.. Read more »

Vladimir Lo-in

Very nice place, peacefull, holy very natural. I recommend to visit if you will be not far from


Holy place and fresh water in there

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