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Avangard Stadium

Lutsk, Ukraine
4 / 7
Avangard Stadium
Address:проспект Перемоги, 7а, Луцьк
Phone:+380 332 785 988

Mark Rozhyk

The stadium is not one of the best, but it's good that at least that) security is bad, people carry alcohol, but as football without beer)))

Сергій Михальчук

I constantly train at this stadium. Smooth rubber coating of tracks, clean air.

Ліда Могилянська

Cool stadium ста, spacious, well made, there is even a canopy for people not to get wet in the rain???))

Марія Кулик

The avant-garde is great! Toilets are just awful! The area outside the "Vanguard" wants to be the best!

Андрій Амброз

The stadium needs to be finished, the security at the entrance does not check normally, many people carry alcohol.

King Neurotic

He performed at this stadium. What sets him apart from the others I have been to is the grandstand with a canopy for the audience, and quite large.

Sviatoslav Deineka

The dream of boys in Lutsk

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