St. Stephen's Basilica

Budapest, Hungary
4.8 / 5
The largest Catholic temple in Budapest is 96 meters high. This monumental cathedral was built for several decades, and only in 1905 was it consecrated. The basilica is built in neo-Gothic style - a large dome hall, two symmetrical bell towers on the sides and a large arched central entrance, decorated with inscriptions and columns. Inside are stored the relics of all the Hungarians of St. Istvan.
St. Stephen's Basilica
St. Stephen's Basilica
Address:Budapest, Szent István tér 1
Phone:+36 1 311 0839


Taking great pictures requires time and effort. These pictures were taking from the panoramic viewing deck of St. Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest. To get there, you need to climb 300 steps on the spiral staircase! St. Stephen’s Basilica is an archi.. Read more »


This place is so beautiful and worth the visit. I think my most favorite thing was going up to the very top. The views of the city are beautiful and well worth the trip. I believe it is 1000 HUF. There is an elevator that will take you up as well. Th.. Read more »


One of the largest church in the city also It's one of the busy area in the city. We visited this place at evening . There were many tourists near this attraction as it is so close to shops, open restaurants and pubs. After taking few nice clicks her.. Read more »


Such a marvelous and elegant piece of art. One of the most beautiful and historical Catholic churches in Europe. Being a Christian Orthodox I couldn't help but marvel at how much work was put and the attention to detail it bares. No entrance fee unli.. Read more »


It's a very beautiful structure in the heart of Budapest. Must visit for all the tourists. It's dedicated to it's King St. Stephen. As per the history, this place was a small hill before. once there was a huge flood and all the people climbed on it t.. Read more »


This building is stunning. The artwork on the ceiling and walls is beautiful. People mention having to pay to enter the Church - You do not, you only pay to ascend to the Dome, which is a very worth while experience also. I attended Mass here and the.. Read more »


Stunning stunning Basilica. Can't say enough about it. One of the most beautiful churches I've seen in Europe. Inside and out the decoration and attention to detail is magnificent. Go up to the dome for superb views of Budapest, be sure to walk all a.. Read more »


This building is breathtaking! Huge inside and out. I would prefer not being forced to give a "donation" just to see it. There is a paid musical event you can witness there. It's not every day you get the chance to listen to a pipe organ! Would defen.. Read more »


St, Stephan Basilica is one of the most beautiful churches in Hungary. It is located in the centre of the city and definitely must see if you are visiting Budapest. An interesting architecture on the outside, but inside it is amazing. admission is fr.. Read more »


This is such a very nice Basilica with very nice architecture inside and out. The inside of this Basilica totally blew my mind. Every detail was so incredible, and the glass windows are so magnificent and colorful. You can enter for free, but donatio.. Read more »


One of the most beautiful churches in all of Europe. You can explore around most places of the cathedral. However you should pay to go in. It's labeled as a "donation" but it's compulsory to pay it which is annoying if you have no change. But definit.. Read more »


The best church in town. Close to restaurants, coffees and sweets shop. You can pay and go up to admire the view from the top.


I visited this place in September. There was a summer market there. Many people spend their time to enjoy the food and buy sweet treats there. . Crowded area when in summer !


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