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St. Sophia's Cathedral

Kyiv, Ukraine
4.7 / 20
St. Sophia Cathedral - The Wisdom of God, St. Sophia Cathedral or St. Sophia Cathedral - Christian cathedral in the center of Kiev, a monument of Ukrainian architecture and monumental painting of the XI-XVIII centuries.
Address:вулиця Володимирська, 24, Київ
Phone:+380 44 278 2620

Most valuable part is the bell tower, when u on top could really enjoy the view. Also the main church is worth to visit. And others just so so.
St. Sophia's Cathedral (also called Saint Sophia Cathedral) is one of seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Ukraine and was awarded the important statu.. Read more »
Big complex of churches and museums with a panoramic view on a square. Highly recommend to visit the Bell tower (75m high), which is right on the main.. Read more »
It has a breathtaking structure. Those who want to climb the bell tower will experience the feeling of height after the first floor. There's enough sp.. Read more »
The visit of the cathedral was a nice experience. We were a but disappointed by the side buildings / museum which didn't add too much value to the day.. Read more »
Come here to experience Byzantine Architecture and some history. Note that you are looking at a mishmash of time periods and styles in one “frame”. Th.. Read more »
All Kiev itself speaks for the people of this country - you can see their devotion and love for their God and religion. Architecture is their primary .. Read more »
Loved such a historic building. It is a great historical place to visit to see an such an important building for the history of Kyiv. Also has a great.. Read more »
Nice museum You should pay for entrance, still they have free tours within churches few times per day
Our visit to St Sophia Cathedral was extremely soured by this rude doorman. The cashier who sold us tickets didn’t provide any explanation of what eac.. Read more »
This cathedral is really impressive. You can't expect about it height, so colossal. It is located in a huge square, where old people fought a very imp.. Read more »
Spectacular history of Christianity in Ukraine. It was a pleasure to see and walk through this ancient building.
I travel a lot so I've seen many beautiful cathedrals. But still St. Sofia impressed me to the bottom of my heart. Amazing antient place with gorgeous.. Read more »
Impressive piece of architecture. Not a religious person but can’t not be impressed by this building. Detailed and complicated it’s sits proudly above.. Read more »
What else to see in Kiev? The amazing St. Sophia Cathedral will be the best place for lovers of religious and historical monuments. The building was e.. Read more »
Great place, awesome energy of a millennium-old orthodox cathedral. Well-preserved and well-kept.
Best gardens in Kyiv. The cathedral and tower are nice to wander around as well.
Differently from the church of Saint Andrews, in Andreevski Descent, this is a real cathedral. Founded in 1037 (and finished 20 years later), it was t.. Read more »
You enter through the bell tower which you can climb but make sure you are covered by the ticket options. Large green areas used for events.
Another great place in Kiev for history buffs. Very well maintained and friendly staff.
Must visit place, especially bell tower.
Also included in the same World Heritage Site, Saint Sophia’s Cathedral is Kiev’s oldest surviving church and has architecture and ornamentation datin.. Read more »
This Vithantin Cathedral was built in 1036 by the Prince Yaroslav the Great. If you are interested in a history you are most welcomed to this place!