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St. Sophia Church

Sofia, Bulgaria
5 / 5
St. Sophia Church
St. Sophia Church
Address:улица „Париж" 2, София
Phone:+359 2 987 0971

Lex Universe

While the church itself is no wonder that will not let you fall asleep for the days to come, it was built on the remains of much older roman basilica... Read more »

Silver Lining

Nice place. The museum is interesting and gives an idea how the city Sofia and its name emerged.

Ilian Ivanov

The biggest church on Balkan Peninsula. Live choir every Saturday and Sunday and all Christian holidays!

Sergey Petrov

Definitely devote 20 minutes to check out this ancient basilica.

Gogo Kehayov

One of the biggest oldest and most famos churches in Sofia.

Александър Перпелиев

Amazing old church. One of the oldest in the world.

Emil Dimitrov

S?fia's most beautiful church for me! Doesn't matter St. Alexandar Nevski is neardy.

vladimir agov

This great church from the 4-th century, one of the very earliest in the Christian World, was so famous that peaple used it as name of the city of Ser.. Read more »


Pay the ticket to the crypt/museum where you can see the old tombs and frescoes

Svetlana Ivanova

Very beautiful church. It is also big. I have been on two weddings there. There was a chorus. It is incredible to hear them singing in the church.

Михайло Литвиненко

Outstanding Orthodox church which feels very authentic. You won't find there lavishly decorations - just simple brick walls and icons. Also, they have.. Read more »

Cindy Marie Azur

It’s also within the centre area of Sofia, with another great history, architecture and solemn feeling when visiting this Church. In Centre of Sofia, .. Read more »

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