St. Sophia Church

Sofia, Bulgaria
5 / 5
St. Sophia Church
St. Sophia Church
Address:улица „Париж" 2, София
Phone:+359 2 987 0971

Emil Dimitrov

S?fia's most beautiful church for me! Doesn't matter St. Alexandar Nevski is neardy.

vladimir agov

This great church from the 4-th century, one of the very earliest in the Christian World, was so famous that peaple used it as name of the city of Ser.. Read more »

Svetlana Ivanova

Very beautiful church. It is also big. I have been on two weddings there. There was a chorus. It is incredible to hear them singing in the church.

Михайло Литвиненко

Outstanding Orthodox church which feels very authentic. You won't find there lavishly decorations - just simple brick walls and icons. Also, they have.. Read more »

Cindy Marie Azur

It’s also within the centre area of Sofia, with another great history, architecture and solemn feeling when visiting this Church. In Centre of Sofia, .. Read more »

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