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St. Peter's Church

Munich, Germany
4.8 / 9
The temple is one of the most revered and ancient in the city. It arose in the VIII century in the form of a small wooden monastery on the initiative of the monks of the Tegernsee monastery. In the XI century, the temple was rebuilt in the Romanesque style. After the fire of 1327, a new building appeared in the Gothic style. In subsequent centuries, the church was rebuilt, expanded, elements of late Gothic and Rococo were added to the facade.
St. Peter's Church
Address:Rindermarkt 1, München
Phone:+49 89 210237760

Amanda Cousins

On Rick Steves tour of Germany Austria ?? and Switzerland ?? we’re going to attend a couple wedding ?? ??⛪️??

Tracy Sung

Beautiful views from the tower. The inside is also very refreshing and light compared to other European churches. The panoramic view of Munich is beau.. Read more »

sam sam

St. Peter Church is just amazing. The building from outside is just majestic and beautiful. It is located at the heart of Munich City.

Kristina Kasa

Very nice church on top of it have a breathtaking view of Marienplatz and of surroundings of Munchen


I give out information instead of review: Free to enter Basilica, enter from right hand side of building, wait for bag and body check. After that take.. Read more »

Anna Sabotovich

Very nice, but closed now because of high covid cases in the city

Paul Varga

Always a highlight climbing up at the narrow stairs up to the very top of this amazing als church right next to Marienplatz. Only few Euros costs you .. Read more »

Michael Brown

Beautiful Church with amazing ornaments and paintings.

Helen M

Absolutely STUNNING church with wonderful priests for confession on Saturdays between 4 and 5. Go!

Vỹ Nguyễn

Before the founding of Munich as a city in 1158, there had been a pre-Merovingian church on this site. Eighth-century monks lived around this church o.. Read more »

Fahd Nait Ali

Church in the middle of the city. Buy tickets to access the high tower after you claim 13 floors ( approximately) but the reward is amazing; a view of.. Read more »

A to tha K

St Petersplatz, in the beautiful city of Munich. You can walk the 90 something steps up for a glorious view of it, you can also see the Bavarian mount.. Read more »


Beautiful church in central old town part of Munich with lots of shops and restaurants around. Can enter cathedral free of charge, but you can pay 3€ .. Read more »

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