St. Peter's Church

Munich, Germany
5 / 5
The temple is one of the most revered and ancient in the city. It arose in the VIII century in the form of a small wooden monastery on the initiative of the monks of the Tegernsee monastery. In the XI century, the temple was rebuilt in the Romanesque style. After the fire of 1327, a new building appeared in the Gothic style. In subsequent centuries, the church was rebuilt, expanded, elements of late Gothic and Rococo were added to the facade.
St. Peter's Church
Address:Rindermarkt 1, München
Phone:+49 89 210237760


If you get the chance it's worth a look inside. The colors and attention to detail is worth seeing. It's right near several other attractions so you can work them in together.


It's the most famous modern arts museum in Paris , France. It has a lot of graphic arts inside - including the old arts showing Grace Jones, and some near-pornography visual arts. I really like the rooftop - I even shot a skyline picture from the roo.. Read more »


Breath taking view of munich from above the tower. One will have to climb 14 stories to reach the top. Very windy but is worth the effort. There is a 2 euro fee to enter the tower.


Fantastic view over the city. But you have to go the stairs up and down. But every step worth it


I would go to church every week if this is what I had to look forward to. They request a respectful silence, because when you enter you may find many people in the pews with their heads bowed in prayer. The alters are breathtaking and every inch of t.. Read more »


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