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St. Patrick's Cathedral

New York, USA
4.8 / 8
19th century Catholic Cathedral in neo-Gothic style on Fifth Avenue. It is considered the most beautiful in the New World. The building looks quite unusual among the skyscrapers and shopping centers of the modern city, but stands out against the background of the “stone jungle”. The cathedral was built to satisfy the religious needs of Catholic immigrants, as the small church no longer accommodated everyone.
St. Patrick's Cathedral
Address:5th Avenue, New York
Phone:+1 212-753-2261
Hours:monday: 07:00–20:30 tuesday: 07:00–20:30 wednesday: 07:00–20:30 thursday: 07:00–20:30 friday: 07:00–20:30 saturday: 07:00–20:30 sunday: 07:00–20:30

Maggie D

We went to a Saturday mass there, it was less than 30 minutes which was good for me because: toddler! Beautiful yet a little touristy. On my walk abo.. Read more »

Kashyap Sigdel

Definitely a must visit when you are in New York city. The building is absolutely gorgeous and the architecture is marvelous. With the hustle and bust.. Read more »

Imee R

Never missed visiting St Patrick’s Cathedral. every time I come to visit my family in NEW YORK. When Pope Francis came over last 2015. My nieces and I.. Read more »

Armstrong Miranda

This church is beautifully built. Not everyone knows that there is a small chapel behind the altar. I love offering prayers in this chapel. Very quiet.. Read more »

Drew Brown

Stunning cathedral near Times Square, with large organs in the back. Extremely tall ceilings with beautiful, colorful mosaic glass windows. Even if yo.. Read more »

Janel Vee

This cathedral is always breathtaking and brings tears to my eyes. Now because of covid, it’s nearly empty and even more beautiful. There were only ab.. Read more »

Kelly Evans

There are no words to describe the ethereal beauty of this cathedral. A must see in NYC.


Iconic cathedral with so many historic events happening here. This is definitely a place to visit in New York. It has incredible ambience, beauty and .. Read more »

Victoria DeVeau

Couldn't go inside of church. August 2020.

Josiah Blodget

I went here with my brother in July 2019. It was my first time visiting the cathedral. My family told me how beautiful it looked and how amazing it wa.. Read more »

Mark Ames

Went to St. Patrick's on a Saturday afternoon last year and was surprised it was open to tourists and had weddings taking place, right in the cathedra.. Read more »

Marion NYC

Love the architecture of this cathedral. So much history. It’s very quiet right now which makes it a great time to enjoy a service or enjoy the inte.. Read more »

Praveen V P

An absolutely beautiful church! It is always breathtaking when you see the cathedral among the modern buildings that surrounds it. Beautifully ornate .. Read more »

Joyce Garcia

I live in Australia, so the only way I can have mass by myself is with St. Patrick’s Cathedral. You have wonderful priests and I love watching every m.. Read more »

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