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St. Michael's Vydubytsky Men's Monastery

Kyiv, Ukraine
5 / 5
Vydubychi Monastery is an ancient monastery in Kyiv, an architectural monument of national importance.
St. Michael's Vydubytsky Men's Monastery
St. Michael's Vydubytsky Men's Monastery
St. Michael's Vydubytsky Men's Monastery
Address:Видубицька вулиця, 40, Київ
Phone:+380 44 285 3581
Hours:monday: 07:30–18:30 tuesday: 07:30–18:30 wednesday: 07:30–18:30 thursday: 07:30–18:30 friday: 07:30–18:30 saturday: 07:30–18:30 sunday: 07:30–18:30

Sergii Nagornyi

Beautiful and spirit place

Beautiful Tati

Super nice monastery. Calm and beautiful! Gorgeous for praying.

Анна Кондратенко

Definitely must visit

Oleg Laska

If you want to see a real piece of Kyiv you should visit Vydubetsky monastery. After noisy streets you will find yourself in a calm cosy place. Best .. Read more »

Anna Sana

A very well preserved 11th century church with a rose garden and art store. Cozy and warm atmosphere

Fynn Jackson

Favorite place in Kiev. Less tourists, beautiful rose gardens and greate feelings all around this one. A definite must see. Note it takes about 15 min.. Read more »

V&A Bliznuk

One of the oldest churches located in Kiev city. A great place for orthodox piligrims and worshippers.

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