St. Mary's Basilica

Krakow, Poland
4.8 / 5
The Catholic Church, located near the Main Market of Krakow. The first wooden church on the site of the Mariacki Church appeared in the 13th century. The modern building began to be erected at the beginning of the 14th century. The building is built of red brick in the early Gothic style and decorated with magnificent color stained-glass windows. In the interior space features of baroque and late Gothic prevail.
St. Mary's Basilica
Address:plac Mariacki 5, Kraków
Phone:+48 12 422 05 21
Hours:monday: 11:30–18:00 tuesday: 11:30–18:00 wednesday: 11:30–18:00 thursday: 11:30–18:00 friday: 11:30–18:00 saturday: 11:30–18:00 sunday: 14:00–18:00


Beautiful set in a corner of the square. It is free to go in to pray, but if you want to go in and walk about you need to buy a ticket for 10 zloty from the ticket shop near to the basilica. The cost is well worth it ,as inside is really beautiful... Read more »


Incredibly beautiful. At the moment the famous carving is being renovated so is mostly covered. You also you can't go to the top of the tower at the moment.


The historic religious heart of Krakow. Beautiful, ornate, crafted interior - altars, pews, carvings, screens, vaulted ceiling....etc.. To enter you need to get a visitors ticket from the building across the short road at the side.


Another fabulous reminder of an era when faith was paramount in our daily lives. The bugler in the watch towers is a great touch along with the history of why he is there.


This is the best place in Poland. The biggest highlight of my trip there, and the tickets only costed about £2. Highly recomend having a look if you are in Krakow.


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