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St. Kyriaki Cathedral Church

Sofia, Bulgaria
5 / 5
St. Kyriaki Cathedral Church
Address:площад Света Неделя 20, София
Phone:+359 2 987 5748

Vess Malinov

Beautiful historic church right in the heart of the city.

Milan Stamenovic

Homeplace of the relicts of the Serbian King Saint Milutin who defended Serbian middle age state as well as the orthodoxy from the western attacks of .. Read more »


Every Serb must see this place. Eastern Orthodox Church where you can see grave of Our King Milutin Nemanjic who built more than 40 churches and monas.. Read more »

Ognian Dimitrov

One of the most interesting churches in Sofia. Built in the 10th century, it has been demolished several times. The modern church was built in the ear.. Read more »

Draga Paskova

One of the most beautiful churches in Sofia and a symbol of the city - one will see it in almost any tour guide. Among the most desired places for wed.. Read more »


As a Christian orthodox it was the first time I attended a Sunday service with a chorus and my impressions were simply wonderful!!!

Janet Heath

A historical church in the city centre, lively lit in the evenings.

Lora Nielsen

Wrongly translated by Google Maps in Greek! One of the oldest and most central churches in Sofia. The real name is Sveta Nedelia which means Saint Sun.. Read more »

Nenad Pesic

This church must be visited during your stay in Sofia. In the very centre of Sofia, with such a impressive architecture and more impressive history. A.. Read more »

Cindy Marie Azur

Beautiful inside and out. Definitely, worth a visit when you’re in Sofia. Without understanding the history behind, you would say that it’s very arti.. Read more »

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