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St. George's Cathedral

Lviv, Ukraine
4.8 / 8
St. George's Cathedral
Address:площа Святого Юра, 5, Львів
Phone:+380 322 611 386
Hours:monday: 07:30–20:00 tuesday: 07:30–20:00 wednesday: 07:30–20:00 thursday: 07:30–20:00 friday: 07:30–20:00 saturday: 07:30–20:00 sunday: 07:30–20:00

Sofka Smile

Beautiful church! However, it is dirty around it which is sad because this place is holy for some people.

Mykhailo Hentosh

Spirutal and calm place

Ankitt Patel

This 18th-century Catholic cathedral looks out over Lviv from its namesake hill on the west side of the city. It was built over 15 years up to 1760 a.. Read more »

Paul Drevnytskyi

Brilliant system of religions buildings, beutiful lighting at evening !

Mary Anna

Величне місце! Tourist’s must-see. Gorgeous architecture in the middle of the old city Lviv.

Elsonian K

Beautiful Catholic Church, with active masses and church services ongoing. Not as popular with the tourists in the city center. More local people in .. Read more »

Valentyn Moroz

Every time I see this place, I am surprised by its state of decay and disrepair. One would think that the Ukrainian Catholic Church would have found t.. Read more »

Yuriy Noev

It is the great place to visit in your seeside list. But, don't come here on Sundays around 10 am if you don't want to be among of hundreds of believe.. Read more »

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