St. George's Basilica

Prague, Czech Republic
3.8 / 10
The Basilica of St. George is the oldest surviving church in Prague Castle, founded by Vratislav I in 920 in honor of St. George. In 973, the church was significantly expanded due to the extension of the Benedictine Abbey, dedicated to the same saint. In 1142, the basilica was significantly damaged during a major fire, but in a short time it was restored almost to its original form, with the exception of the facade and some artistic details of the interior. Two flocked Romanesque towers with built windows were completed. The narrower north tower was called Eve, the wider - Adam
St. George's Basilica
Address:Prague 1
Phone:+420 224 371 111


One of the best places to visit in Prague. It's on top of a hill over looking at the city. If you like good view of the city you should go up there. The place is always buzzing with people, so be prepared. The security checks are bit tedious but it's.. Read more »


We attended the church because it was included in our ticket. As a whole there is nothing interesting about it, but on the other hand there were many people. I think you can safely skip it


Nice place which allows you to track down how architectural styles were changing within one building.


really disappointing. hopefully it's just that it's being renovated but areas were inaccessible. but worse than that, we tried to get in earlier and were turned away. when we asked why, we were told that there was a service. we asked if they meant Ma.. Read more »


The basilica is quiet boring but listening to a concert here is just gteat


Just watched a classical concert here - great venue with good acoustics. You can choose a route A ticket which includes this basilica, the castle, cathedral etc which I recommend.


Nothing special to be frank comparing to St. Vitus Cathedral 1. The architecture style of both of the buildings are different. One is Romanesque style and has a long history. St Vitus Cathedral is built in Gothic Style and has a shorter history. 2. .. Read more »


This basilica is beautiful again architecture and design is second to none. It has beautiful paintings inside which you can only appreciate of you see it in person. Must visit if you are in Prague castle


Worth a little wonder around while your passing on your way to Golden Alley near the palace.


This is a beautiful holy place that is built in a diffetent style compared to St Vitus Cathedral. Its currently being renovated, and the results so far are impressive. There are pictures hanging, which deserve to be seen up close to really appreciate.. Read more »


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