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St. Catherine's Church

Gdansk, Poland
4.7 / 9
St. Catherine's Church
Address:Profesorska 3, Gdańsk
Phone:+48 58 301 15 95

Piotr Krella

Don't miss this great church when you are in Gdańsk. Por supesto una iglesia de visitar

Mirek Zabski

A.D 1239. Dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria, the patron saint of scientists, ordinary people and Cyprus island. Delightful brick gothic archite.. Read more »

Jacob Francois

Cool church!

Thomas Scott

Really cool to read the story and see the rebuilding

Gregory Southerden

An amazing brick built catch in Wismar, Germany. You can even get a guided tour into the roof arches.

Adam Gosiewski

Rough, ruined but tranquil. Huge effort to reconstruct. Lovingly restored. Moving services full of spiritual meaning, full of young people. Inspiring!

John James

Very old and huge church. But after fire. So looks really very old. In basement can be found cemetery with real coffins and bones around.

Sandra Sukhabut

0ld church with interesting historic story

Helge Kjøren

Very Nice view from the top of the Church, and you could walk round the spiers. There is also a clock-museum on the way up?

Gosia Fraser

One of the most beautiful churches in Gdansk. Built in 13th century. The tower (not really a spire) is 76m high. Great astronomer Hevelius is buried h.. Read more »

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