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St. Catherine's Cathedral

Kherson, Ukraine
4.7 / 6
St. Catherine's Cathedral
St. Catherine's Cathedral
Address:вулиця Перекопська, 13, Херсон
Phone:+380 552 241 556

Yelyzaveta Machukha

Attraction for tourists

sergii kyrpenko

Historical place of Grigori Potemkin tomb

Ankush Maind

Wonderful design by structures 0f #church everyone nice..

Oleh Mashkin

Beautiful and a historical place, there is a beautiful garden, and a stunning architecture, the walkway around the church is made from volcanic magma.. Read more »

Helen Medvedkova

St. Catherine's Cathedral is made of sandstone with a Tuscan portico. There is a Potemkin's tomb here.

Alexandr Androsovich

Orthodox Cathedral was built in the end of 18 century with architecture elements of ancient Greek style to symbolize the return of Christian civilizat.. Read more »

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