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St. Andrew's Church

Kyiv, Ukraine
4.8 / 8
The temple of the mid-18th century in the Baroque style, located on a hill in the historical part of Kiev. It is considered one of the most beautiful churches in Kiev. According to the ancient legend, referred to by “The Tale of Bygone Years,” the apostle Andrew the First-Called put an end to this place and proclaimed that there would be a great city. A few centuries later Kiev was founded.
St. Andrew's Church
Address:Андріївський узвіз, 23, Київ
Phone:+380 44 599 0005

David Zimmerman

Fun place during warmer weather. Small market at the base and going down the cobblestone road. Go with a local friend and have them make purchases or .. Read more »


The fabulous church that recently have been renovated and now opened to the public. Definitely visit this amazing landmark, if you're in Kyiv. I can o.. Read more »

Francesco Evangelista

Beautiful architecture style, as the location context, recommended much more in weekends to live the place with more people.

John Timberbridge

It is gorgeous and luxurious, and can be seen from all the neighborhood. Such a relief that all the way uphill was worthy of it and I got to this temp.. Read more »

Alessandro Lazzarotti

Whether it is day or night, the charm of this church (and not a cathedral, a mistake I have noticed very often, unfortunately) remains unchanged. Real.. Read more »

Vitalii Nazarchuk

Very beautiful church in Ukrainian barocco style.

Ankitt Patel

St. Andrew’s Church in Kiev is one of the most striking Baroque buildings. Its architecture and location are genuinely unique. The church is built on .. Read more »

Anthony Manmohan

Looks good on the outside but closed for renovations. Great surrounding views of the city and river bridge.

Jon Brookins

Beautiful church. The night lighting is fantastic. The church is closed for renovation the last time I was there.

Mohand Sasha (best of sho

Lovely place, especially evening time. Recommend for Romantic, family, or chilling times. A drink in hand, stars above and deep thoughts

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