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Spanish Steps

Rome, Italy
4.6 / 12
Italian Baroque staircase in the center of Rome. It is recognized as one of the most picturesque in Europe. The staircase starts at Plaza de España and leads to Pincho Hill. Piazza di Spagna itself is a very expressive place where it is always pleasant to stroll among flowering flower beds. In the XVII century, the Spanish embassy was located here. In a sign of good relations between the two countries, the piazza was named in honor of Spain.
Spanish Steps
Address:Piazza di Spagna, Roma


It has already been said and written a thousand times and exposed by all the reviews before this one. Located in the heart of Rome and surrounded by t.. Read more »

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Nadia Zulfiqar

They are not joking when they say steps! They helped me realise how unfit I am especially when I got to the top and saw there were only 135 steps! May.. Read more »

Mukesh Dabral

Piazza di spagna is a unique place to visit. Every time you go there it is as if you are for the first time here. Its romantic it's history, it's Br.. Read more »

GISTEKUS Networks, Inc.

We visited Spanish Steps twice, once diluting the day and once Around 10pm (not considered late in Italy.) Daytime is a tourist trap zoo, lots of craz.. Read more »


Its not allowed to sit down there!

Peter Walker

Worth seeing if you are spending a couple of days in Rome, but I probably wouldnt consider it a priority. During the day it is a little busy with tour.. Read more »

Asiyah Noemi Koso

The Spanish Steps are beautiful. All in Rome is nice and interesting, as well as these steps. A lot of people are always, popular among young people. .. Read more »

Laynie Miller

Amazing steps but there are so many people it’s really hard to take in the full beauty. You also aren’t allowed to sit on the steps and a whistle will.. Read more »

Sam S.

This attraction located on Piazza di Spagna, here are world famous fashion brands, like Versace, Gucci, Dior, Armani and other. Spanish steps are one .. Read more »

Muhammad Arshad Mukhtar

Beautiful site. It's so amazing and soothing experience to sit on the steps and enjoy the scenery. Try to be their around sunset and enjoy the sunset .. Read more »

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