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Sofia Synagogue

Sofia, Bulgaria
4.2 / 9
The Jewish Temple is one of Sofia's most picturesque architectural structures. It was built for the community of Sephardic Jews by architect F. Grunager in the early XX century. The architectural style of the building is a mix of Moorish traditions and Viennese modernity. Simply entering the synagogue will not work, but there is an opportunity to visit a small museum dedicated to the history of Bulgarian Jews.
Sofia Synagogue
Sofia Synagogue
Address:Exarch Joseph Street 18, София
Phone:+359 2 983 1273

Brian Jeong

Synagogue in Sofia city center. located behind of st. Maria Luisa. not far from metro station Serdika.

Ognian Dimitrov

Built in 1909, it is the third largest synagogue in Europe.

gadi bavli

Needs to be cool when you go there. The people there are not in a hurry.

בנצי אשכנזי יועץ מס

Beautiful architecture and rare history.a must visit

Alejandro Aramendi

“I remember, very lucky” muy majos.


Guys rude in front. Decent synagogue of great size with nice aesthetic and atmosphere. Not worth the money when you've seen everything after 1 minute.

my-financial-wealth blog

Beautiful synagogue but you must pay entrance fee

Limor Agam

The building is quite beautiful from the outside and worthwhile walking to. Inside is another story. It is quite nice on the inside. But considering t.. Read more »

Mark Fitzsimmons

A stunningly beautiful synagogue in the heart of Sofia's central district; just a short walk to the all the major sites, and the city center boulevard.. Read more »

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