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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Washington, USA
4.9 / 20
The museum, managed by the Smithsonian Institution, has collected more than 100 million different exhibits. It exhibits collections of minerals, precious stones, minerals, archaeological finds, fragments of space bodies, and much more. The museum is free for visitors, it works seven days a week all year and closes only at Christmas.
Address:10th St. & Constitution Ave. NW, Washington
Phone:+1 202-633-1000
Hours:monday: 10:00–17:30 tuesday: 10:00–17:30 wednesday: 10:00–17:30 thursday: 10:00–17:30 friday: 10:00–17:30 saturday: 10:00–17:30 sunday: 10:00–17:30

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This museum was awesome. I was blown away by the beautiful, interesting, and informative exhibits. Theres so much to learn and discover here. It's bes.. Read more »
Perhaps the best museum I have ever been to. The exhibits are all informative and exciting. I spent only about three hours here but easily could have.. Read more »
Amazing museum! We went there during the weekend and had to wait in the line for about an hour to get in. You need to take a whole day to be able to s.. Read more »
The Museum is Beautiful. So much to see. Very enjoyable. Not much social distancing. Especially in the Gem area. Many places to stop and sit along the.. Read more »
It was nice to see it again. There is a new multi angle ramp. Matched so nicely that it looks like the original building style. Sad to see timed pas.. Read more »
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Words cannot describe this place. Exhibits are amazing. So much to see. From the hope diamond to Crown Jewels. I was pleasantly surprised to how .. Read more »
The best museum I've ever been. It's like learning the earth history in details since the beginning. It's the fifth most visited museum in the world a.. Read more »
Fantastic archives from artifacts to documentaries. I found the Ted Nancy exhibit to be particularly exhilarating. I love their work and sense of hu.. Read more »
The Smithsonian is an AWESOME museum. It is great for both kids and adults alike, with plenty to do if you want to fill the whole day, or just go thro.. Read more »
The National Museum of Natural History is a natural history museum administered by the Smithsonian Institution, located on the National Mall in Washin.. Read more »
I don't really have too much word on it, other than I went here during a field trip in April of 2009. The experience was okay, I guess... I personally.. Read more »
Pretty neat. Hope diamond was cool but the museum was not very extraordinary from other natural history museums.
Was able to enjoy it before COVID-19. This was a great experience. Many things to see, get to know about and also learn. Dinosaur fossil collection is.. Read more »
If there’s a combination that can draw the museum crowds almost as much as spaceships and airplanes it’s dinosaurs and whopping huge diamonds and havi.. Read more »
Excelent museum, very informative, there are so many things to watch there!
Free and awesome place! A long line forms before it opens but everyone gets in and it really doesn’t take that long. Come an hour after it opens and t.. Read more »
My favorite museum! Provided a spot for me to clear my head and be in a wonderful environment (before the COVID times hit lol). I hope the employees.. Read more »
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