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Smithsonian Institution Offices

Washington, USA
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Smithsonian Institution Offices
Address:600 Maryland Avenue Southwest, Washington
Phone:+1 202-633-1000
Hours:monday: 08:30–17:30 tuesday: 08:30–17:30 wednesday: 08:30–17:30 thursday: 08:30–17:30 friday: 08:30–17:30 saturday: 08:30–17:30 sunday: 08:30–17:30

Ángel Kiven

A very good place to visit

Mia Noah

identical to how we see it in the movies, I love the construction, we did not have access to the vaults as pernsamos but it is incredible

Emma. Oliver

just love the Smithsonian so much. As a kid , with the excitement of going on a field trip with your friends, you don't get to appreciate the museums .. Read more »

Perks Advisor

The Smithsonian Castle is one of the many Smithsonian buildings located on the Mall. It is fun to view with its unique architecture and the beautiful.. Read more »

John N

I just like the interesting exhibits.

Justice Edmonds-Chadwick

The coolest muesum

Martin Donovan

One of the best and nicest museum I’ve ever been. Very interesting expositions and very educative.

Hopkin Farrell

Absolutely hands down the best museum I've ever been to. I feel like this is the sanctuary for world history, there is just so much to see!!

Cornelius Davoren

I brought my kids here for the first time. They loved it. We marveled at the gems and minerals. They also loved the dinosaur exhibits. I liked the ast.. Read more »


A very good place to visit.

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