Sistine Chapel

Rome, Italy
4.2 / 10
Sistine Chapel


I can appreciate the history behind it but I fail to understand why the ceiling of this place seems to be one of the highlights of Rome. If you can, be sure to do the entire tour of the Vatican Museum. Along your way you will see dozens of long hall.. Read more »


Possibly one of the most incredible piece of art you will ever come across. To think of the amount of work that went into it is mind boggling. I definitely recommend it. However, make sure to prebook the Vatican otherwise you are incarcerated in a ne.. Read more »


One of the most historical museum for the Christianity. This is also where Popes are selected. The entrance line is long, online advance tickets purchase help to get in faster.


Love the decor and the arts of the Vatican. Though I am not a Catholic, the history is enough to make one feel awe and emotions run high. The art pieces and the stain glasses are fantastic and well maintained. Really lovely and will visit again!


One of the best Pilgrims centre In Rome.If you are in Rome you should visit St peters Basilica.I think you can see POP on every Wednesday.The church is very Big and Long.Its very peaceful and a good ambience inside it.There are so many statues on its.. Read more »


A true treasure of art and man’s quest for God. A masterpiece in every way. A humbling place. To think of how many great men have prayed here and were elected to become Pope.


Beautiful. It was too much to take in tho with all the art work and museums. It’s cool to see the history but I wouldn’t go back. Good to go for experience.


Amazing Michelangelo’s masterpieces and it’s more interesting when you are prohibited to take a picture of the ceiling. (Didn’t know that before) The problem of this room is too crowded, no ventilation (as you can see in the picture. I took this one .. Read more »


I’ll just start out by saying I’m not religious...however there is something very spiritual about the Sistine Chapel. The scenes depicted are beautiful as well as informative. I think the best part is the no talking, no photography policy. I know thi.. Read more »


You know, a lot of tourists do come here, not as respectful individuals ready to worship was the building was intended but rather as onlooking tourists. It ruins a bit of the sanctity of the location. As such, it is rather gross that this is what th.. Read more »


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