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Sistine Chapel

Rome, Italy
4.6 / 13
Sistine Chapel

Nicholas Christopher Hood

I’m not sure why anyone would review this iconic landmark. It’s among the most memorable and must see places of human accomplishment and art; ingenuit.. Read more »

Daniela Romero

It’s just stunning. Somehow we got there but the journey was a labyrinth. We did not follow the signs, just moved by instincts and it seems it was des.. Read more »


The most magnificent architecture in Rome. The paintings were fascinating. The whole experience was engaging. My only complaint is that some in my fam.. Read more »

Google User

Vatican City, a city-state surrounded by Rome, Italy, is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. It's home to the Pope and a trove of iconic ar.. Read more »

David Herbst

I can appreciate the history behind it but I fail to understand why the ceiling of this place seems to be one of the highlights of Rome. If you can, .. Read more »


Thoroughly enjoyed our 3 hour tour. I thought my 11 year old would lose interest in an hour however we were fortunate to have a very informative ye.. Read more »

Rene Jessen

Amazing to finally see this chapel and the overwhelming painting. You need to pass through most of the museum to finally get here and the total museum.. Read more »

Elena Ottodiv

I took the audio guide and It was saying all or even more than what was supposed to. The chapel is amazing but I believe without a guide you wouldn't .. Read more »

Amanda Carey

Well worth the visit and money but book before going as you will find it cheaper online!!!!!! I found my tickets through Google maps, for €15 cheaper .. Read more »

Steve Syson

Wonderful paintings very roundabout route to get to it, possibly due to Covid without any fittings it felt more like a hall than a Chapel, but wouldn'.. Read more »

Mick Hyde

The Sistine Chapel is at the end of the tour for the Vatican museums. It is in itself beautiful and 100% worth a visit. However please allow yourself .. Read more »

Zakariah Shannon

Guys i got in at 4:30 dont tell my mom. Also i was the one who psinted it i swear. Send all monry and love my way. thaknes Ps check out my new vatica.. Read more »

Michael Bailey

Wow. Definitely beautiful but not family friendly.

Abdus Samad

If you are a tourist don't miss this place. This is one marvellously built structure. Ticket of the museum is a bit costly but then it allows to visit.. Read more »

Karen Blanco

A must see. So much art and so much more. Tons of stolen relics from other cultures are on display here. This is the Louvre of Italy, if you like seei.. Read more »

Dmitriy Mitin

This place has already more than 32k reviews, so I don't think I could add something new. I was blessed to visit this place during the pandemic - it w.. Read more »

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