Shio-Mgvime monastery

Tbilisi, Georgia
4.5 / 4
Shio-Mgvime monastery


Two separate church buildings on the same site. The older one seems to be a chapel in the underground where as the new one is bigger and newer. The "new" church building has adorable paintings in the interior walls and ceiling.


Awesome lovely monastery. Sweetest memory in the trip. I loved all the way to the church, inside and the dance outside. The souvenir shops. Marvellous architecture.


Need to know: woman need to wear a long skirt and cover hair with a scarf if you want to enterthe church. There are boxes with scarfals what you cam borrow, but you better bring your own. Its not allowed to wear short cloths in the church at all. For.. Read more »


Shio Mgvime - cave of Shio. Monastery complex, caves and small church on the hill.


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