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Shio-Mgvime monastery

Tbilisi, Georgia
4.9 / 8
Shio-Mgvime monastery

Helma ს

You can reach it by a well paved, sometimes steep road. On weekdays it’s a peaceful quiet place.

Helma ს

Peaceful quiet place (weekdays)

RuRu Delux

One of the best places in georgia

Paulo Pimenta

Fantastic place...very remote you will find priest and god...they will try to convert you! By the way they know Ronaldo!

Gregorio Cambarihan

Nice to visit i am sure i will go back there

Irina Gonashvili

Very beautiful and serine place. A must visit, not far from the capital city of Tbilisi.

Nithiya Nagarajan

Awesome lovely monastery. Sweetest memory in the trip. I loved all the way to the church, inside and the dance outside. The souvenir shops. Marvellous.. Read more »

Albert Yung

Two separate church buildings on the same site. The older one seems to be a chapel in the underground where as the new one is bigger and newer. The ".. Read more »

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