Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center

Abu Dhabi, UAE
5 / 5
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center
Address:Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street - أبو ظبي
Phone:+971 2 419 1919


One of the most Beautiful architectural structures I have seen, and a must see if you're in Abu Dhabi. It is a mosque so keeping that in mind visit the place with the proper attire. The place is with clear guidelines on where to go and signs on where.. Read more »


Simply breathtaking! I HIGHLY recommend visiting the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. The interior of the mosque is probably the most impressive I have ever seen. The quality and attention to detail is incredible. I highly recommend taking the free pub.. Read more »


One word; beautiful. It was so peaceful and lovely. Wind blowing nicely creating a calm breeze. At one point, worship started and the prayer pouring from the mosque was so beautiful and serene. I truly enjoyed being there and would love to go back. I.. Read more »


Divine and stunning. Very clean and extremely well organized. Takes around two hours to complete the look around. Will get wheel chair access to senior citizens. One needs to maintain the strict rules and dress code required to enter a sacred place. .. Read more »


Here you have one exquisite work of art!! I'm a Catholic and since I remember I have found myself in the middle of a church sitting down enjoying the architecture and beautiful details of churches but I had never seen such impressive and stunning pie.. Read more »


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