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Shanghai Tower

Shanghai, China
4.9 / 7
Built in Pudong by 2015. Number of floors - 130, height - 632 meters, area - 380 thousand m². The tallest building in China and the third in this indicator in the world. It is highlighted in the dark. It has an interesting shape, as if twisting in a spiral up to the roof. Nearby are the equally impressive Shanghai World Financial Center and Jin Mao Tower.
Shanghai Tower
Address:501 Yincheng Middle Road, Lujiazui Residential District, Pudong

Hikma Tabayun

Of course this is familiar view in the world couldn't describe more?

arup sarkar

Height: 632 meters (2,073 feet) Floors: 126 The Shanghai Tower it is the tallest of the world’s first triple-adjacent supertall skyscrapers in Shang.. Read more »

Joyce Ho

For a small entrance fee, you get to experience the break-taking view of Shanghai at the top of one of China's most iconic skyscaper - Shanghai tower... Read more »

Benjamin Scott

Very cool place, if I went back I probably just stay at floor 118/119. Those are where the views are.


Enjoying it it's last moments as the second tallest tower in the world. In mid 2021 Merdeka PNB in Kuala Lumpur will over pass it.


This is tallest building ? of china. It's lift/elevator speed is too fast. The Aerial view of Shanghai can be seen from the top of this building. The .. Read more »

Dieter Quitt

Phantastic view over Shanghai from the top of the tower. Specifically at night really pretty. For go up you should have the green code from the WeChat.. Read more »

Richard Li

I like Shanghai tower, close to Pu Xi and Pu Dong (Near Wai Tan) It's so pretty

Clifford Burleson

Yeah this place is super tall. Elevator is fun. Might put this place on my next album cover.

Daniel Cheong

Amazing views of Shanghai cityscape from the 118th floor observation deck.


It's worth visiting even just for the view from the highest observation deck in the world. The tower is gorgeous from a distance and even more so a g.. Read more »

Da Wei Qiu

The observation floor offers an extensive view of Shanghai, but one disappointing thing about this place is that there is no glass floor unlike the ot.. Read more »

Sunny ZC

Awesome experience. The observation deck was fresh, modern and huge. Felt extremely comfortable looking down at Shanghai from such a nice deck. Strong.. Read more »

Ilko Radulov

It is the tallest building in China and the second tallest in the world. There is an entry fee of 300 yuan that fully deserves the experience of the o.. Read more »


One of the tallest buildings in the world (2073ft) and currently the second tallest observation deck in the world. It will become the tallest in the w.. Read more »

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