Shanghai Natural History Museum

Shanghai, China
4.4 / 5
It was founded in 1956. He occupied the premises of the Chinese Cotton Exchange. In 2015, he was moved to a specially constructed building in the sculpture park. Funds have 240 thousand units of storage. The museum is one of the largest in the world in its thematic category. The collection consists of samples of plants and animals, exhibits of the Stone Age, mineral deposits and even mummies.
Shanghai Natural History Museum
Phone:+86 21 6321 3548


Shanghai Natural History Museum is a great place for scholars and kids to learn about world history and history of China. Need to purchase a entrance ticket to enter to the museum. Concessional tickets rates are available for senior citizens. Few res.. Read more »


This museum has more content stuffed into a space than I have ever seen, and that's NOT an issue. Not only do they have lots and lots of dinosaur bones and recreations, but they even have one that moves! Adults cost $5 US, children under 6 are free, .. Read more »


Wonderful natural history museum in a beautifully designed building. There's plenty of exhibits and they're all tastefully styled. Eat and drink before coming because the food and drink inside is not so great and is also a tad expensive. .. Read more »


An amazing place for children to spend the weekend and get more knowledge about the nature


Amazing National History Museum!! If u have student card u will got discount!


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