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Shakespeare's Globe

London, England
4.8 / 12
The theater, created with the participation of the great playwright W. Shakespeare at the end of the XVI century. Almost all the works of the author were staged here, but the building lasted only 14 years and was destroyed by fire. The newly rebuilt theater lasted until 1642 (then the troupe was dissolved by order of the Puritan government, and two years later the building itself was demolished). The modern "Globe" is a reconstruction of the fragments found in the excavations.
Shakespeare's Globe
Address:21 New Globe Walk, London
Phone:+44 20 7902 1400

monique a

I went to go watch a reenactment of machete and it's fair to say I was quite impressed, all the actors were able to play their part quite well and the.. Read more »

Katie Scholey

Great experience returning to the globe for their production of a midsummer night’s dream. And the production was easily the best I’ve seen there! Suc.. Read more »


A living piece of history in the heart of London. This is the third construction of the building and a faithful copy of the previous one. Built from u.. Read more »

Raoul Nardin

Recommend the tour, our guide Mick was enthusiastic, funny, very knowledgeable and we enjoyed seeing the theatre and hope to visit to see a show next .. Read more »

Peter Lewis

A completely different theatre experience. Every Shakespeare fan should see at least one of his plays here.

Nidhi Pandit

Very good guided tour. Felt safe despite being among many other people in these strange times. Our tour guide Sam was very attentive and helpful. Love.. Read more »

Simon Rose

£5 to stand in "the pit", absolute bargain! Every member of the cast was excellent. We went for the Audience Choice on a Saturday afternoon. You're g.. Read more »

Grant Rietze

The love and care taken with the faithful recreation of The Bards work filled me with a warm feeling of gratitude. I'm indebted to the people that mad.. Read more »

Charlie Davies

Very good guided tour. Felt safe despite being among many other people in these strange times. Our tour guide Sam was very attentive and helpful. Love.. Read more »


Did the tour of globe theatre today and was 100% amazing, the guy doing the tour was upbeat, positive and made the experience brilliant. a nice refres.. Read more »

Mr Ben

Visited the 1st workshop today on Macbeth and was beyond impressed with how it was run and the man who ran it. I'm ashamed to say I can't remember his.. Read more »

Emily Thomas

An asset to British theatres. Amazing shows with an authentic experience of what Elizabethan/Jacobean audiences would have seen. As the standing galle.. Read more »

Keith Singleton

Lovely afternoon tea, selection was delicious, service was impeccable. Lovely position overlooking the river. Would highly recommend.

Meenakshi Sundaram “Matth

This a lifetime experience for me. Very excited. Well organized and planned, GREAT actors ( in the play Emilia), nice and comfortable seating (if u re.. Read more »

Patryk StarFish

I love this building. From outside looks really amazing. Like from i don't know XVIII century. And also guide guy was very good. For Non-English pers.. Read more »

A.K. Young

This place is impressive just for the modern rendition of the ancient Globe theater. You can catch a play here, visit a well-appointed gift shop, and .. Read more »

Jeroen Sipsma

Fred showed us around this beautiful rebuild theater. His enthusiasm and stories are contagious. He shows love for this theater and the team of volunt.. Read more »

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