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Sforzesco Castle

Milan, Italy
4.5 / 26
The majestic Castello Sforzesco is located in the historical center of Milan. It was built as a defensive fortress in the 15th century after the seizure of power by the Sforza family. The luxurious interiors of the castle were created with the participation of Bramante and Leonardo da Vinci. By the end of the 15th century, Sforzesco became one of Italy’s richest and most luxurious ducal palaces. The castle survived the Spanish rule and supremacy of Napoleon. In the XIX century, a large-scale reconstruction was carried out.
Address:Piazza Castello, Milano
Phone:+39 02 8846 3700
Hours:monday: 07:00–19:30 tuesday: 07:00–19:30 wednesday: 07:00–19:30 thursday: 07:00–19:30 friday: 07:00–19:30 saturday: 07:00–19:30 sunday: 07:00–19:30


Lovely castle to walk around or chill at. I personally loved the garden in the middle of the castle where you could sit out in the shade and enjoy the.. Read more »


This place is so stunning. I sat within the castle walls listening to live music from a stage that had been set up while sketching a picture. Truly a .. Read more »

Jake Fauvel

Great castle. Lots to see and explore. The museum's are huge! Good value for money compared to other cities attractions. Great for a walk around even .. Read more »


A wonderful collection of mini-exhibits within a castle! Much of the castle was restored after damage during WW2, but lots of original ceiling frescoe.. Read more »

Anna Mehr

Wonderful experience! Such a variety of exhibits and such interesting items! A €5 ticket was a steal for the amount of fascination things we saw. Exhi.. Read more »

Monica Roman

An impressive building, home of the dukes of Milan. Full of history and art. Only visited the outside grounds and the beautiful park surrounding the c.. Read more »

Erich Bruckner

The beauty of this historic place is you can simply walk in and enjoy the grounds. Or you can dig into the history of the structures, the area, the .. Read more »

Dusan Bolek

Building itself is visually interesting, but not original. However, there are several rather nice museums inside. I spent there about three interestin.. Read more »

Sam Smith

Grand castle, free to walk through, great for pictures. Museum was interesting, very affordable at only €5 per person. Exhibits mostly had information.. Read more »

Lukáš Struhal

A very nice castle and museum. There are many rooms, everybody will find something to like. You need to count with exhibition which takes at least 3 h.. Read more »

jaghanivasan s

Beautiful place to visit in Milan! The castle outdoors are free to enter and the tickets are sold only if you would like to enter the castle. The plac.. Read more »

Valeria Arestov

Very interesting historical site, gives you the feeling you're inside a movie. Also it is surrounded by a beautiful park. At night the place is closed.. Read more »

Laura Perez

In wanting to explore the city, we chose the busses to do it since it's only 1.50 euros and good for 90 minutes. On one of the stops we saw the sign .. Read more »

Emmanuel Gustin

The managers of this place have made it a lot more than just a huge castle next to the city centre. There are concerts in the evening, and dance works.. Read more »

Kasia Gaca-Zając

A nice, large castle - not that spectacular on the outside but has some nice pieces of art inside, quite worth seeing. When you buy the museum tickets.. Read more »

Albin Nilsson

Amazing historical site, a must-see when in Milano. The Museum is in true Italian style with both Roman and post-Roman things to see. The adjacent par.. Read more »


No entrance fee, which was great. Only museums cost more. Bathrooms available inside. Tons of fascinating art, history and architecture to take in, .. Read more »

Pepper Poppins

A huge castle. Its architecture is well preserved and renovated. Good place for having a walk, running around, or seeing some historical aspects of th.. Read more »

Marcos Chavarria Ch

Great place to have a pic nice with wide park areas. The inside castle area holds several museums, art, musical instruments, etc. The surrounding area.. Read more »

Lukáš Fürst

Very nice place. It is not so loud as the Milano centre and it is perfect place to relax a little. We spend there more than hour. Also you can find a .. Read more »

Rob King

Interesting place with loads of history. Nice to walk through even if you don’t pay to enter one of its many museums. Cafe on site, be ware of people .. Read more »

dylayla Noreth quintero

Amazing place to visit ,enjoy and organize your special events: wedding, musical concerts , fashion show, with this wonderful architecture is fantasti.. Read more »

Bia Silva

Another place that I would recommend visiting while in Milano. Beautiful sights and gardens around it. There's also the photo and art gallery inside w.. Read more »


Art, music, a stroll...inside an ample castle's court. Look up info about the ongoing and enjoy - even just for a walk

amelia puspa

I love this place. Less congested than Duomo and is located beside the park. There's so much to do and to see here.

Michela carriere

A bit creepy for a young woman alone I was approached by a man right away who tried to make me walk with him away into the alley, so be careful ladies

Giuseppe Chisari

History an nature. Art and museum. A magic place in the heart of Milan, a reminder of its glorious past.

ferdows sanehi

It's a great place to gather and relax. Besides looking at some great architecture and sitting on the grass there isn't much else you can do.


Very beautiful castle in milan. There is a park beside and it's very beautiful. So many trees, benches and a shop to relax.