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Schönbrunn Palace

Vienna, Austria
5 / 20
Address:Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 47, Wien
Phone:+43 1 81113239
Hours:monday: 08:00–17:00 tuesday: 08:00–17:00 wednesday: 08:00–17:00 thursday: 08:00–17:00 friday: 08:00–17:00 saturday: 08:00–17:00 sunday: 08:00–17:00

Кречко Богдан

One of those places that it is better not to read about 100 times, but to see once. The most beautiful park I have ever seen in my life. If you are .. Read more »

Amina Noureen

Best place on Vienna to visit. Remarkable architecture. Lovely hiking areas and sitting places. Good for running and everyday exercise as well. Park i.. Read more »

David Zaki

Nothing can be said more than it is an amazing place. Very spacious gardens. Distinctive fountain, grand palace with legendary decorations. You can.. Read more »

Oana Roska

The Christmas Market in front of Schönbrunn Palace enchants with its imperial backdrop. The atmospheric market offers traditional handicrafts and also.. Read more »

Raphael Nolden

Incredible palace. Totally worth a visit but make sure you don't go towards the end of the day as you need time to enjoy it and take everything in. I .. Read more »

Francesco Amelio

Stunning location, must see when visiting Vienna! Plan a full day to really enjoy it, can be pretty crowded with big queue to access the Palace. The g.. Read more »

Diego Miguel Dominguez Do

Great place, I would recommend buying tickets in advance and to dedicate a whole day to this. The palace itself is enormous but the gardens and surrou.. Read more »

Shahrzad sh

There is a very beautiful yellow palace here.When you enter, there are palace buildings, there is a story, if you spend forty days, you will not be ab.. Read more »

Rovena Sina

Amazing place, huge and everything in their place. You can spend the day only admiring every part of it. Would love to have been living there in the t.. Read more »

John Suchman

Great place to go to in Vienna. The whole garden complex is very large and has many monuments strewn across. The palace itself has very interesting in.. Read more »

Wayne Tucker

With nearly 100k reviews,.not sure another one is needed. Sufficient to say this is a spectacular location! Highly recommended. We did the grand tou.. Read more »

Ovidiu B

Schönbrunn Palace is more than beautiful, amazing or stunning. Anyone who's visiting Wien must visit this palace. Spectacular, opulent from all point.. Read more »

Ali Shayan

Amazing palace with different sections where need lots of time to see and enjoy. The garden itself might chew up a half a day to sneak around and clim.. Read more »

Omar Khattab

The biggest palace in Vienna, I guess. There, you can enjoy your time in the big garden of the place, walking in the woods, running, having a snack, o.. Read more »

Gianmarco Conegliano

Amazing beautiful. Huge grounds. Great for long walks. Vendors selling delicious food. Many people of all ages walking and jogging. Great for kids, to.. Read more »


Great place to see. Buy the ticket online so you don't have to stay in line. Go from early morning, there is a lot to see and enjoy. They also serve f.. Read more »


Gorgeous imperial palace, full of history and art. The architecture is impressive, and it will leave you speechless. The beautiful and huge garden is .. Read more »

Chalet Kammleitn

Really nice, easy to organise your trip also online ahead. Free of charge audio guide on more than 10 languages. Not too long, just enough info. Great.. Read more »

Simply Red

I always love visiting Schönbrun whenever i go to Vienna. It's my go to place when i have visitors from out of the country.

Mateusz Prokop

Absolutely amazing! To see everything in there, you should probably book about 5-6 hours. It's around €40 for all inclusive ticket

Ervyna Febrianny

This was my winter eurotrip last year 2019. I remember when i was a teenager, i grew up in Vienna. I was often going to schloss schönbrunn in the summ.. Read more »

Marwah Afifi

This place was just plain lovely, the gardens were enough for us to just love it. It's well maintained and the palace is wonderful to look at from out.. Read more »

Marco Burgman

Amazing palace, detailed tour about the rooms and the use of the rooms. We loved the people who helped us, they wanted to help us, they reminded us we.. Read more »

Rareş-Andrei Mateizer

The garden is extremely well cared for, with trees being cut perfectly in line and it is also very big. The palace itself is also well preserved and r.. Read more »

Endre Barcs

I love the place and the huge garden. A very nice place to walk and discover. You can find you place if you are alone, with someone you love or with b.. Read more »

Shanda Felix-Brown

During our trip to Vienna, this was the most beautiful sight we visited. We did not even managed to see everything at the sight and we were already so.. Read more »