Schlossberg castle

Graz, Austria
5 / 5
The fortress is located on a hill 450 meters high. It became famous throughout Europe for the fact that it was never taken during a siege since its foundation in the XII century. Once the city of Graz was the central city of the Austrian lands, so the castle was necessary for defense purposes. On the Castle Hill there is a 28-meter high Urturm clock tower. All four facades of the tower have hour dials. The chronometer of the tower has been in operation since the beginning of the 18th century.
Schlossberg castle
Schlossberg castle
Address:Am Schlossberg, Graz
Phone:+43 316 80750

Léo Etlesbas

Nice castle and wonderful surroundings. It's obviously a bit hilly and there are lots of stairs to climb, but it is absolutely worth it! Alternatively.. Read more »

Dragan Tumarcic

Amazin snd beautiful place. The best time to visit is in sunset. Beautifull view on city. Going down by stairs is great idea. A lot of spots to take a.. Read more »

ewelina burak

If you would ask me what I will remember from Graz, I will say: Schlossberg area. You will find there not only beautiful buildings, The Clock, lots of.. Read more »

Rubén Martín Moreno

Really nice place to discover in Graz. It was my first time in the city and the views near the clock tower really amazed me. We also grabbed a beer o.. Read more »

Lotte Coeckelbergh

Beautiful park and an amazing view. Many attractions are offered but the experience without them is just as great. Really nicely thought out and many .. Read more »

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