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Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

Madrid, Spain
4.8 / 11
Santiago Bernabéu Stadium
Address:Avenida de Concha Espina, 1, Madrid
Phone:+34 913 98 43 00

Mateo Casariego Vías

It has adequate dimensions for playing football. Looks green enough to me. Good bocatas. Prices can be a bit high but when they score happiness gets t.. Read more »

Carlos Bracero

An amazing stadium for an amazing club. Went here several times - first in 2016 and again in 2019. The moment you walk in you can feel the atmosphere.. Read more »

Sinisa Medic

Definitely worth a visit! Even if you are not a Real Madrid fan. The tour takes about an hour, and you can buy tickets online. You can see trophies an.. Read more »

עינב מנצור

Their cow was, in this moment, a passionate elephant! Few can name a reliable camel that isn't a sensible owl. Those bees are nothing more than spider.. Read more »

شهاب شعلان

I visited it in 2015, a visit that I will never forget in my life. An enjoyable experience. I hope to attend it again, but watch an interesting match .. Read more »

Kaylin Govender

Amazing, truly breathtaking once you go inside. From the outside its huge, very clean, lots to look at inside the stadium tour and trophy room, the in.. Read more »

Michael Ravenscroft

Home to one of the most iconic sports team in the world, the Santiago Bernabéu hosts some of the best football I've ever seen. The Puerta 57 cafe in t.. Read more »


Picture taken during a trip to Spain in December last year. Real Madrid home stadium

Sunjoo Kim

If you know at least just a little bit of soccer then please enjoy the match! It was just so good.

Habib Uddin

This stadium is absolutely huge and beautiful. A Tour costs around €15-30 (can't remember the exact mount) Had the luxury of watching a game a few day.. Read more »

MJ Omidi

Such a fantastic experience. Even if you are not a fan of the this superb football club, the beautiful stadium and the attractive museum will impress .. Read more »

Rosé Lyinn

Legend Place with Legend football club. I really really like football, this place so beauty, so vibrant. Come here one time in your life if u can. You.. Read more »

saurabh mishra

This place is a must watch place for any football fan. Management has created a brilliant structure to present the visitors. The most interesting par.. Read more »

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