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Salzburg Zoo

Salzburg, Austria
4.6 / 16
Like any good European zoo, the Salzburg Zoo supports the concept of a natural habitat for animals. They try to keep the animals in conditions close to natural ones. The territory of the zoo is divided into zones: "savannah", "steppe", "mountains", "forest" and others. Each animal is kept in a corresponding "natural zone", which creates the most comfortable conditions for the health and life of the zoo's inhabitants.
Address:Hellbrunnerstraße 60, Anif
Phone:+43 662 8201760
Hours:monday: 09:00–16:30 tuesday: 09:00–16:30 wednesday: 09:00–16:30 thursday: 09:00–16:30 friday: 09:00–16:30 saturday: 09:00–16:30 sunday: 09:00–16:30

Wen Hui Siau

Dropped by since I was at the trick fountains and already purchased the Salzburg card. The zoo was a pleasant surprise as me and my partner enjoyed it.. Read more »

Arthur Kiyanovski

Very nice zoo! Let's face it, all zoos are not good for animals. But in this one, many of the animals have relatively a lot of roaming space. It means.. Read more »

Tibor Bóné

Keeping animals enclosed is never a good idea, however if we still do it then this place should be the minimum standard accepted. Well maintained, ple.. Read more »

Mitja Zigante

Very nice zoo with lots of animals. You can spend there half a day. Also the inside bar is very nice

Petr Holodňák

Somewhat smaller but very very nice ZOO! The location is absolutely one of a kind with its huge cliffs where the animal habitats are incorporated. Sur.. Read more »

Harpreet singh Harika

Beautiful zoo on beautiful location ? Been there with family in april 2022, spent 3-4 hours exploring it and enjoyed every bit there. Entry ticket pr.. Read more »

Vladimir Balusik

This Zoo doesn’t look so big, but if you go there with the small kids, it’s big enough. We have explored only half of it during 4 hours and we have sk.. Read more »

Suneel Kumar

Access: very easy to access from Autobahn.. good parking lot and free if you are going inside.. Price: too expensive for small zoo.. you can complete .. Read more »

Backpacker _Hiker

Really nice zoo! The natural hills provide an excellent habitat for the animals (I mean if they HAVE to be in a zoo). There are a lot of places for th.. Read more »

Jared Haun

Good zoo. On smaller side, but lots of extra things for the kiddos to do like playgrounds and the like. Easy to get to on the 25 bus, which is actuall.. Read more »

Aaron Smith

Year card is worth it! We go at least once a week with our 1 and a half year old and dog and love all that the zoo has on offer. Can recommend to anyo.. Read more »

Dominik Brugger

The zoo is arranged according to geographic regions Europe, Africa, Australia with Africa taking up most space. The zoo is smaller e.g compared to Mun.. Read more »

Daniel Rabanser

Nice small zoo, entrance ticket includes free parking.


Nice zoo. However, some animals were clearly in distress: the bear habitat was far too small for the two full grown bears and one of the bears was exh.. Read more »

brayan fimberg

Zoo maybe doesn't have all the most exotic animals but the animals it does have are well displayed. The "cages" to loosely call them, seem to be very .. Read more »

Lacie Bader

Not the biggest zoo, but we still spent most of the afternoon here and enjoyed every minute! The price of entry was very reasonable and parking was fr.. Read more »