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Saint Isaac's Cathedral

St. Petersburg, Russia
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The majestic cathedral, the decoration of the city and the largest Orthodox church in St. Petersburg. The construction was carried out under the personal supervision of Nicholas I according to the project of O. Montferrand. The building of the cathedral is an example of late classics with harmonious interspersed neo-Renaissance and Byzantine style. The temple received a name in honor of the patron saint Peter the Great, St. Isaac of Dalmatia.
Saint Isaac's Cathedral

Максим Иванов

Beautiful, majestic + good free guide

Vasily Tregubov

Wonderful place with lots of gold and marble

Олеся Лузганова

A beautiful, powerful and amazing place!

Татьяна Лопатина

I haven't been there for a long time. First day of vacation))

Ильина Ирина

Beautiful place, there is a platform for exploring the city

Alina Grankina

One of the best of historical places in St-Petersburg. Unique impressive interior with many mosaics, wall paintings and sculptures. Nice wiev from col.. Read more »

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