Paris, France
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The temple is located on Montmartre Hill, it rises above Paris with snow-white domes. Construction began in the second half of the XIX century, when France was going through difficult times. The temple was erected on the site of the demolished Benedictine monastery, where Ignatius Loyola, the future Grand Master of the Jesuit Order, made vows. The basilica was built over 30 years by donations from Parisians and public funds.
Address:35 Rue du Chevalier de la Barre, Paris
Phone:+33 1 53 41 89 00
Hours:monday: 06:00–22:30 tuesday: 06:00–22:30 wednesday: 06:00–22:30 thursday: 06:00–22:30 friday: 06:00–22:30 saturday: 06:00–22:30 sunday: 06:00–22:30


Pro tip: find out when the sunset is and time your visit to a half hour or so before hand. The Eiffel Tower puts on sparkling lights at the top of each hour after sunset as well, so you’ll catch an amazing view of the city and great pictures, especia.. Read more »


It's a peaceful place, beautiful architecture. For 10€ you can buy a big candle to light if you want and for 2€ a small one. There's also a notebook for visitors to write about their visit. There's a souvenir shop inside. When you exit the metro stat.. Read more »


The design is eclectic and to the people of Paris, a symbol of crushed rebellion in the past, thus also a source of shame. It's a beautiful church and entry is completely free. You should wear religiously appropriate and modest clothing if you wish t.. Read more »


A beautiful basilica with amazing views. Due to government laws shutting down most tourist attractions, we only got to view the outside of this iconic building. It is breathtaking. Please be mindful though of your personal belongings, as it is a have.. Read more »


Beautiful church! There’s a beautiful view of the city from up there definitely worth going up the steps. Behind the church there’s a square with many artists and art galleries, definitely check this out!


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