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Russian Museum

St. Petersburg, Russia
4.8 / 5
The largest museum of Russian fine art in the world. Opened at the end of the XIX century. during the reign of Nicholas II. The collection was made up of the transferred exhibits of the Hermitage, the Alexander Palace, the Academy of Arts, as well as from the private collections of some Russian aristocrats. The main exhibition is located on the territory of the Mikhailovsky Palace. In the museum you can see the canvases of Bryullov, Repin, Aivazovsky and other masters.
Russian Museum
Address:Инженерная улица, 4, Санкт-Петербург
Phone:+7 812 595-42-48

Brenda Giudice

The museum itself is a treasure, but the visit was totally ruined by one of the rude tour guides, who told us that: "We allow children into the museum.. Read more »

Larry Norton

Don't miss it on a visit to Saint Petersburg. A gem. Great alternative to the Hermitage. Discover Russian painters generally unknown in the West.

Дмитрий Якимович

Very interesting exhibition of Gift to Russian museum - from rather plain work to the very good and wellknown paintings.

Vinh Phuc

The State Russian Museum (Russian: Государственный Русский музей), formerly the Russian Museum of His Imperial Majesty Alexander III (Russian: Русский.. Read more »

Adil Rasool

One of best place to visit in Saint-Petersburg,

Vadim Popov

I love Perov and Aivazovsky!

Vasily Tregubov

Collection of fine arts one of the best

Abu Alizada

Very nice! Tip: go early and enter the exhibition hall on the 2nd floor from the exit (right turn). Most of the nicest ones are in the last rooms, so .. Read more »

Felix Iacob

There is a three day ticket offer, you should take it if you are planning to visit all parts. One day will not be enough. Take your time and enjoy it .. Read more »

Naa Oboshie Torto

The first museum I visited in Russia. Lot's of incredible masterpieces that will just amaze you. The tour guide was just a delight to listen to; his E.. Read more »

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