Ruins of perge

Antalya, Turkey
4.4 / 5
An ancient settlement, the capital of the coastal region of Pamphylia. Combines elements of Roman and Hellenistic culture and architecture. Estimated date of foundation - XII-X century BC. e. It is located 18 km from Antalya. Fragments of the towers and gates, the Roman bath, the main street with columns, the agora, the amphitheater, the stadium, several temples and residential buildings have been preserved. During the time of Byzantium, and then capture by the Seljuks, the city began to decline and gradually ceased to exist.
Ruins of perge
Address:Perge Yolu
Phone:+90 242 238 56 88
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Captivating ruins, even in the hot sun. We spent about two hours in 43 degree temperatures looking at the various Perga ruins. The engravings on some of the architecture are fascinating. The site is easy enough to find. FYI: There’s little shade, so .. Read more »


Incredibly well preserved and immense city. They are still restoring it, so it will only get more interesting. Especially the baths ruins were impressive.


Avoid going day time though such a nice place to observe ancient history


Amazing place to visit. Very nice view of you go up the stairs. Good to visit if you are pasionate about history.


Amazing place. Much studying is still to be done but incredible though.


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