Royal Palace of Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania
4.8 / 5
Royal Palace of Bucharest
Address:Calea Victoriei 49-53, București


The center of monarchical power and the main royal residence in Bucharest. It was used to host the official activities of the Royal Family of Romania until 1944 when it was bombarded. Can be visited every Tuesday.


A guided tour on the Royal Palace. One page of history of Hohentzolern royal family. The royal crown , a lot of paintings and some photos are memories that have to be kept in our mind after visiting this wonderful palace.


Beautiful place filled with marbrery where you can feel the architecture is both full of light and refinement, it is a mix of simplicity and detail. It is very impressive to see all the works deployed to make you understand the power of the Romanian .. Read more »


O piece of Romanian heritage, during the best period in the early Royal history.


Nice place to visit but with the most boring tour by far. Otherwise 5 stars.


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