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Royal Palace of Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania
4.5 / 10
Royal Palace of Bucharest
Address:Calea Victoriei 49-53, București

Simona Onciu

Very, very nice. Good advices from the personnel at every step.

Live and Love

Beautiful monument

Dan Stanila

Nice location, full of history

Official World Record

This majestic edifice, rebuilt in 1937 following a devastating fire, was for decades the power center of the Romanian monarchy. At his arrival in the.. Read more »

Michael “Schocki PFF” Sch

Nice place to visit but with the most boring tour by far. Otherwise 5 stars.

Madalin Bucur

Visited the european art gallery, there are a few remarkable paintings, many old (even XVth century), a number of impressive picture frames (lacking a.. Read more »

Jacopo Gabrielli

The art inside is not astounding, does not stand a chance when compared to other European capitals' art museums. However, it has a great student disco.. Read more »

gloria sult

A guided tour on the Royal Palace. One page of history of Hohentzolern royal family. The royal crown , a lot of paintings and some photos are memories.. Read more »

Dragos Lascarache

The center of monarchical power and the main royal residence in Bucharest. It was used to host the official activities of the Royal Family of Romania .. Read more »

nicu moraru

A magnificent building, a true legacy of past great history.

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