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Royal Ontario Museum

Toronto, Canada
4.8 / 48
The museum is located in an unusual and original building of modern architecture. Outwardly, this structure resembles an orderly pile of geometric figures or a huge crystal with irregular edges. The walls of the museum shine with a cold shine of gray metal and glass. The Royal Museum houses more than 6 million exhibits: dinosaur bones, art objects, weapons, clothing, household items and much more.
Address:100 Queens Park, Toronto
Phone:+1 416-586-8000

The ROM is World Class, all the way! Better then any of the Smithsonian in Washington DC. It is really a natural history and art & culture museum roll.. Read more »
A day well spent at the ROM, from the Dinosaurs display to the Bats cave, from learning about the ancient to modern history of the World. The museum i.. Read more »
There’s a lot to see, and that itself is amazing since there is so many different exhibits. It definitely has a very fascinating overall design of the.. Read more »
Always kind of busy, but that's expected in Toronto. McDonald's right across the street for cheap eats. Super clean and always a brilliant place to be.. Read more »
It is absolutely amazing, you can spend a whole day in the museum. It has different sections of historical ages from all over the world. You can see m.. Read more »
Edit 20220621: We visited for the 3rd Tuesday of the month for free night. It was busy. Many more of the interactive stations were available now. Too.. Read more »
It's huge and there's so much to see and so much information to read and learn. Can be very energy consuming. Would be wise to bring some snacks and d.. Read more »
The ROM is an amazing place to go out and visit especially if you enjoy learning about the past. During this specific visit I was able to spend a lot .. Read more »
ROM has an amazing collection. Every section you go seems better than the previous. Even if you have specific interests you can't help but appreciate .. Read more »
I loved this museum, one of the most diverse collections of artifacts and knowledge. They have specific QR codes if you wanna learn about the history .. Read more »
Loved the overall experience at the ROM. Spent 3-4 hours there. There were only two things. First: I wish some exhibits were better curated. Definitel.. Read more »
I absolutely LOVED the ROM! What a fantastic museum, filled with so many different exhibits and displays from various parts of the world. It was very.. Read more »
We had a great experience at the ROM taking our 5 year-old for the first time! We took advantage of a promotion in March and were able to purchase adv.. Read more »
My first time at the ROM and the experience is indescribable. The exhibits are mind boggling and truly immersion. There are activities for kids to do .. Read more »
The museum is very rich in collection. I specially like the section displaying different types of stone, minerals and crystals. I've never seen such a.. Read more »
I felt it was a great experience, brought my young children who probably can't yet appreciate all the displays, however it still held their attention... Read more »
I visited ROM last weekend and it was a great experience. This is one of the best museums if you want to learn about history and different cultures. T.. Read more »
Always a magical way to spend a few hours or an entire day. We checked out the new special exhibit on great whales and we walked around a few of the o.. Read more »
Clean and organized. Big and spacious museum. The dinosaur floor is a win for the kids and the most packed. In other floors/exhibits, Not so much of t.. Read more »
I enjoyed the museum with like enthusiasts! We did comment on how we liked the older entrance over the newer one. Such a beautiful entrance with marbl.. Read more »
It's a good place to view exhibits about history, different worlds, animals and such in a beautiful building. The newer exhibits are not as exiting as.. Read more »
Best museum in Canada, great place to learn, experience the beauty of nature, culture, history and animals for all ages. Prepare for a whole day stay .. Read more »
This is one of my favorite attractions in Toronto. It has an unbelievable collection of Asian culture, especially Chinese. I was also amazed by the di.. Read more »
The most well known museum in Ontario. I have found many precious items to observe. Most amazing one is the Mummy from Egypt. It also has many tempora.. Read more »
Love this museum! Lots of cool and interesting things to look at. A great way to spend half of your day here. My favorite is the animal exhibition. Ti.. Read more »
The whale exhibit is incredible. It is both heartbreaking and hopeful, as well as awe-inspiring with the number of physical examples of whale facts an.. Read more »
They are already open. Nice museum. They have a lot of interesting stuff. It wasn't too crowded. The price of the tickets is reasonable. The ROM is op.. Read more »
At first you'll notice that this museum boasts very unique architecture and a nice modern charm without being cold like some museums There's a great .. Read more »
I always enjoy this museum. It really has something for everyone. At moments the order if the items and groupings I found odd but this is minor. Since.. Read more »
The building does not have any on-site parking. It has loading zones where you can drop off and pickup people though. There are a few parking garages .. Read more »
Fall in love with ROM from first step: outdoor on entrance is a rain protected waiting area. Inside is clean and fresh. A stand with maps is ready fo.. Read more »
Clean and organized. Big and spacious museum. The dinosaur floor is a win for the kids and the most packed. In other floors/exhibits, Not so much of t.. Read more »
Beautiful building. Great museum. It would be nice when it opens again. Great tourist attraction and the wonderful restaurant on the top floor. Great .. Read more »
Been here many times. It's a great place for kids. You can learn a lot I suggest you make a day trip of this place. It's almost impossible to get thro.. Read more »
One of my favourite destinations. Been a member for years. It’s a marvellous place to be for families, adults and museum buffs. Their special exhibits.. Read more »
The Royal Ontario Museum is very cool. It's got antique artifacts and other modern pieces of art that hold a lot of significance and history. If you'r.. Read more »
One amazingly designed museum, It combines modern and vintage building designs which makes a great subject for a photo. The museum is located in heart.. Read more »
It’s been 4 years that I visited ROM and now I have a 2 year old! Can’t wait to take him with me to ROM. He will be so excited to see dinosaurs and mu.. Read more »
This is a nice museum. I went here while I was in Toronto and was satisfied with my experience. I walked into the museum and paid the admissions fee b.. Read more »
A museum for all tourists and people living in Toronto alike! It has so much to offer and is fun to explore. It took my family and I over 2 hours to l.. Read more »
Absolutely stunning museum that is a must see for visitors and locals alike. Make sure to get on a trip with the tour guide to get a lay of the land s.. Read more »
What can I say. The ROM is a fantastic museum to visit. The Roman and Egyptian exhibits were of great interest. And there is an extensive exhibit for .. Read more »
I cannot wait until the Royal Ontario Museum re-opens! I've been here countless times over the years, from childhood to adulthood. Each and every ti.. Read more »
Excellent place to spend a day as a local or tourist. Their permanent collection is a wonderful gem to have in Toronto and their travelling exhibits a.. Read more »
Amazing cultural and historical experience. Loved the dinasaur and Egyptian exhibits! Absolutely loved how they show cased the First Nations exhibit! .. Read more »
A must visit place in Toronto. There are loads of projects. Bring your kids and family!
One of my fave places to get créatively recharged. Staff are very helpful, both on site and online. I had to make an abrupt change to my visit and the.. Read more »
I think it is overrated. Nice place for kids but the historical relics were not that much and jaw dropping. You cannot compare with MET or Chicago's .. Read more »
The Royal Ontario Museum is an exhibition hall of craftsmanship, world culture and characteristic history in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is perhaps t.. Read more »
Out of this world not only the exhibits on display , but the set up and the building are great part of the experience
Interesting. Spacious. Certain areas closed owing to Covid but still worth the money. The Gem exhibits and the animal exhibits are amazing. Mask is .. Read more »
Imagine a lesson in history and anthropology but in 3D,this place is a must vist.
The ROM is an amazing museum. Each time you go, you find a new corner and learn something new. I get an annual pass each year which allows me and a gu.. Read more »
Professional helpful staff, nice collections especially Egyptian and Roman areas. Easily accessible and a good time had by all. Parking is available b.. Read more »
ROM is one of the main attractions in the Greater Toronto Area, where you can learn about historical stuffs, such as artwork, dinosaurs, antique mater.. Read more »