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Royal Albert Hall

London, England
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A concert hall reminiscent of the Roman Coliseum, where various events are held from musicals and award ceremonies to charity receptions. The hall was erected between 1867-1871. as conceived by Prince Albert. In order to recoup the construction costs, the creators sold tickets for future events, which gave them the right to visit Albert Hall for 999 years. Some still go to the gym on these tickets.
Royal Albert Hall
Address:Kensington Gore, London
Phone:+44 20 7589 8212

Guilherme Aguiar aka Ghos

Gorgeous place, in a lovely area between National History Museum/ Science museum/V&A and Kensington gardens. One of the many breathtakingly beautiful .. Read more »

Skid Row

Attention this tour was carried out in the pre Covid period. ##################### The guided tour is very interesting and allows you to visit the pre.. Read more »

Tim Campbell

Great tour of the Hall behind closed doors.Very knowledgeable guide Philip gave us a history of the building and some wonderful stories. Highly recom.. Read more »


One of the most beautiful Hall I ever seen. Never disapointed to come here. This place is used for concert and other music festivals. A good place wi.. Read more »

Wallace Thomas

Pleasantly amazed by way of how intimate the space is. Can’t believe there’s a horrific seat within the residence. great acoustics and suitable venue... Read more »

Peter Gates

Took the guided tour around this fantastic place. It was worth every penny and more. I would very highly recommend a visit. You will not be disappoint.. Read more »


One of the most iconic concert Halls. Outstanding. Incredible Building & Venue. I’ve been lucky enough to visit here numerous times to see a variety o.. Read more »

Nancy Roldan-Johnson

Pleasantly surprised by how intimate the space is. Can’t imagine there’s a bad seat in the house. Wonderful acoustics and gorgeous venue. Well planned.. Read more »

Marek B

The Royal Albert Hall is one of the most famous music and concert venues in the world, including classical music, jazz, world music, circus, rock, pop.. Read more »

Stuart Arestad

Took a 1 hour tour of R.A.H. in morning. Amazing place. I was in London U.K. May of 2019. Tour guide did a great job explaining history of R.A.H.. Read more »


I had some issues with the booking confirmation and they were addressed very quickly. Thank you Jane for the helpful emails and clear guidance.

Sigrid Gräfin von Galen

I have many cherished memories of Royal Albert Hall concerts and events. To name but a couple, one being an evening with Yehudi Menuhin and Itzhak Per.. Read more »

hamster panic

Matthew Edward Hall is the hottest guy on Earth and mindblowing. Even his words! Amazing venue and atmosphere!

Eurlety BAZO

This place is historical place and has been used for many events

Anon User

Beautiful building. Best place on earth?

Duke Toastington of Towce

Saw the beach boys perform live here what an experience

Michele B.

I enjoyed the Proms sometime, when I lived near London... ? The Royal Albert Hall is a concert hall on the northern edge of South Kensington, London. .. Read more »

Jason Grant

The best concert hall in London by far. RBH will make you feel like a king inside. It is such a grandiose place that there is no way you can ever feel.. Read more »

dermot reid

Fantastic, have been here multiple times to watch Everything from Bill Burr to Ballet and sat in different areas every time. There really isn’t a bad .. Read more »

stuart arestad

Took a 1 hour tour of R.A.H. in morning. Amazing place. Tour guide did a great job explaining history of R.A.H. A must see in Kensington U.K. ar.. Read more »

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