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Rotes Rathaus

Berlin, Germany
4.5 / 28
The Red Town Hall is the seat of the city government and the Berlin Mayor. This is a neo-Renaissance building with elements of the neo-Gothic style of the late 19th century. As a result of the bombing of Berlin in 1945, the building was severely destroyed, and a long restoration was required. Interestingly, the town hall ceremonial halls can be rented for private events.
Address:Rathausstraße 15, Berlin
Phone:+49 30 90260
Hours:monday: 09:00–18:00 tuesday: 09:00–18:00 wednesday: 09:00–18:00 thursday: 09:00–18:00 friday: 09:00–18:00 saturday: Closed sunday: Closed

We always visit the Christmas Market here because it is one of the best in Berlin ? Plus our favorite food we found here ? in normal days it presents .. Read more »
“Like a child at Disneyland” If you are looking for a nice Christmas Market in Berlin, then this is it! Weihnachtsmarkt at Rotes Rathaus.
Big city hall ! I love it’s color which is not so grey as other buildings in Germany lol
Red city hall made of beautiful red bricks. Classical and monumental. Think its for exhibition as we couldn't find the entrance
Striking red brick building that makes you instantly wanna get your smartphone out the pocket to take a photo. The square in front is also really nice
The Red City Hall is another landmark in Berlin. It is located in the Mitte near Alexanderplatz and St Nikolai Quarter - the oldest area of Berlin. I.. Read more »
Beautiful building, with subway station close to it, in a wonderful area next to Alexanderplatz.
Beautiful building, plus it's political profile
Amazing architecture! ?
An unbelievably beautiful and stunning building.
Beautiful building, the City Hall of Berlin.
A nice old architectural marvel just in the middle of Alexanderplatz.
If you want to go to the City Hall - look at the work schedule, I did not, so I can only evaluate it from the outside ?
You can visit it for free, though not much inside. Worth paying a visit if you're nearby but I wouldn't travel far just to get here.
My father and I only saw this building outside on the second day of our trip to Berlin, Germany ?? in June 2012 and it looks very nice. We're the vis.. Read more »
Nice historical fiction
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Beautiful , next to the tv tower and many shops arround .
When my girlfriend and I visited this place, there was a wedding ceremony, and everyone was so happy. I think this moment is definitely worth to be se.. Read more »
Good building from comunistic time
Cool building to see
Mayor needs to take away some of the costly wasted 97% of street space given to cars, building new bike lanes instead. Like these:
The Lady in Red ! Nice shapes ! A Natural Beauty !
Beautiful building that surpringly survived a very hard history. It's a beautiful brick building, neo-classical? Northern Gothic? Not sure of the sty.. Read more »
Made by the Soviets? It actually predates it. This building was designed by Hermann Friedrich Warsemann in the late 19th century. During that time it.. Read more »
Very beautiful and monolithic building. And this solidity does not look like just a tasteless piece of stone. I did not spend much time inside, but wa.. Read more »
Rotes Rathaus (Red Town Hall) is the monument building and landmark just off Alexanderplatz. It is a beautiful building to see from the outside if you.. Read more »
We weren't able to get inside but sure looks stunning from outside! One of the best city halls I have seen so far. It's so huge that it's difficult to.. Read more »