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Rostral column

St. Petersburg, Russia
5 / 5
The place where Vasilievsky Island divides the river. Neva into two parts and as if crashes into the water. There are many buildings of different eras and architectural styles, which makes this place a real open-air museum. Of particular interest are the rostral columns of red-brown color, decorated with ship's noses. The structures functioned as beacons for ships until the end of the 19th century.
Rostral column
Address:Биржевая площадь, Санкт-Петербург
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David Maurice

The first stop we did in Russia. Will always hold a memory for me.

Shrey Garg

These are the same columns which are featured on the 50 Ruble Banknote along with Old St Petersburg Stock Exchange building . Built in early 19th Cen.. Read more »

Anastasia Belova

Nice place of interest with a great view + dances at the weekends)

George Mavrommatopoulos

Only visit it from the outside. Very beautiful building.


Perfect point for city sightings and taking photo ???⭐️

Den Kotov

It's one of the famous places in St Petersburg. During summer season you can find various dancing activities nearby every evening.

Tyler Wrage

Nice vantage point by the water. Cool place to stop and rest a few minutes while exploring the city.

Linda Mahood

Even though the weather wasn't great... great guide... lovely people loved every moment if Russia

pisikiizu Päike

Awesome 35 meter high columns with boats and beautiful decorations on them ❤️ near Palace Bridge and L'Ermitage. There is a fire lit on top of them of.. Read more »

Glenn Phillips

Beautiful views of the city. Wonderful spot to spend time.

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