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Remuh Synagogue

Krakow, Poland
4 / 11
Remuh Synagogue
Address:Szeroka 40, Kraków
Phone:+48 12 429 57 35


Doesnt worth to pay entrance fee. Synagogue is small, not much to see.

Shloimi Orbach

Place you can go daven and for a payment the security guard will open the Aron hakodesh to be able to read the Tora with minyan, As far I know, that t.. Read more »

Dorota Głuszczyk

This place is quite nice, but you need to pay 10 PLN to see really small room and the cemetery. After seeing all this and another synagogue, I found i.. Read more »

Gol Ebrahimpour

Unfortunately the men were praying at that time but that wasn't the problem. The guy sitting in front of the Synagoge was super unfriendly and rude by.. Read more »

John Barley

An interesting place to visit. Recommended

Iddo Oberski

Beautiful ancient synagogue and graveyard with grave of several famous sages. Worth a visit as it's probably one of the few places preserved after the.. Read more »

Krystyna Odermatt

Fantastic park and walkway from one end of town to the other. Good surface for a rolling suitcase,!!!

Alvin Guerrero

Nice to see and i've found out that instead of fresh flowers they offer stones on the grave

Lufer VB

This place is small, but we'll preserve. The entrance fee is 10pln and allow you to go inside the synagogue and to the cemetery next to it. There are .. Read more »

Matthew Lane

While the synagogues are not as ornate as the many Catholic churches in Krakow, this one has an austere kind of beauty with its patterned ceiling, and.. Read more »

Marc Albert

This building is no longer an active synagogue. It's now a museum. The permanent display is called The History and Culture of the Jews in Krakow. I.. Read more »

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