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P'yatnychanskyy castle

Vinnytsia, Ukraine
3.4 / 5
P'yatnychanskyy castle
Address:вулиця Мічуріна, 34, Вінниця
Phone:+380 5662 62666
Hours:monday: Closed tuesday: Closed wednesday: Closed thursday: Open 24 hours friday: Open 24 hours saturday: Open 24 hours sunday: Open 24 hours

Ольга Музыка

Why make a hospital in the historical heritage ???? If they had not said, then I would not have guessed. Century trees are silent about history.


Not seems historical

Іван Ковальчук

The location is simply incredible on the Endocrindspancer base, as is the Potocki building that has lived to this day. Unhappy damage ...

Iaroslav Gerashchenko

Very serene place

Maxim Shaev

The good place to relax in the park, but the poor state of the castle

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