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Proroko-Ylʹynskaya Tserkovʹ

Sumy, Ukraine
4.5 / 8
Proroko-Ylʹynskaya Tserkovʹ
Address:вулиця Ярослава Мудрого, 45, Суми
Phone:+380 50 400 1170
Hours:monday: 07:00–19:00 tuesday: 07:00–19:00 wednesday: 07:00–19:00 thursday: 07:00–19:00 friday: 07:00–19:00 saturday: 07:00–20:00 sunday: 06:30–19:00

Сергій Ігнатенко

I like. The quality of services and the list of services are standard. Quality of service without complaints. I recommend.

Александр Богдан

A place where it just becomes EASIER for both the SOUL and the Body .. even if you just walk nearby and take a walk. Go, don't be lazy. And find what .. Read more »

Irina Milash

One of the oldest temples in Sumy, it was never closed. They feed and clothe the poor. Respect! And what a handsome man!

Alecha Goroch

Church with a divine aura, many believers visit it, including me a sinner.

Саня Шевченко

Beautiful cathedral

Тина Нестеренко

The place is salted. One can feel peace and tranquility. Recomend for everybody. Especially to those whose soul does not find the right answer. Thanks.. Read more »

Довженко Роман

I was baptized in this church a long time ago. Although I am not a believer, I support the religion of other people. If she certainly helps them for t.. Read more »

Анна Новицкая

All is well, but !!! A grandmother in a candle shop refused to accept payment for candles (4 UAH) in coins, or rather, in denominations of 1 UAH, 50 a.. Read more »

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