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Pripyat Amusement Park

Prypyat, Ukraine
4.7 / 13
Pripyat Amusement Park

Paulo And Filipa

Lots of history and definitely worth the visit.

Sigitas Zakalskis

Amusement Park 35 years ago

Tim Albinson (Student)

50 thousand people used to live here... now its a ghost town.

Filip Zakrzewski

Huge amount of history. Not many may know that events unfolded there, if not for all the heroes, would trigger apocalypse level event.. Going there wi.. Read more »

Hunter Davis

The rides were fun, I think I saw a walking fish and a fox with 3 legs. Sometimes the radiation made be blackout and now I have cancer, 6 fingers, 2 s.. Read more »

Elon Musk

Super interesting place

Gabriel Collazo

Pretty dope place, went there on vacation, lots of nice scenery, and very authentic and luxurious. Gotta love it. Didn’t have to wait in line for a ri.. Read more »


Better than Disneyland I could feel the magic in the air as it gave me cancer


My friend broke his leg when we were walking from the apartments, but we sat down to enjoy the scenery behind the ferris wheel and some Russian touris.. Read more »

Lee Stevens

Majestically beautiful, yet haunting and sorrowful. Mixed emotions. If you are thinking if visiting, do it! I would recommend a private tour guide @Ch.. Read more »

Sefira Mills

When i was about 14 years old my family went to the Pripyat Amusement Park i couldn't go because i was sick and so my aunt and uncle took care of me w.. Read more »

Moya Keating

Great place, defentaly would recomend. Tho shorlty after I can back the docters said I have terminal cancer but one day I will come back. I also had t.. Read more »


Had nice time walking around Pripyat city and recalling on what have happened during disaster 1986.

Owen Crimes

Amazing day out with the kids, the lines were really short so we could go on it as many times as we liked. Also it was very authentic Soviet style. We.. Read more »

Joe Last Name

This place was great, so many fun rides and hardly any long lines. The food was serve yourself style, which was kind of weird, but fun too. Overall it.. Read more »

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