Seaside park

Varna, Bulgaria
5 / 5
The project of the park was created by the Czech master A. Novak in the 19th century. This picturesque garden on the seashore has long been a favorite place for walking and measured relaxation. Alleys of the square stretch along the coast, along them are flower beds, fountains and sculptures. There is a terrarium, a zoo, a dolphinarium, a sports complex, a planetarium and several museums. The park even has its own beach.
Seaside park
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Love it!!! Best place to walk, relax, meditate...sports, fun...what else, you name it!?


I love this park! Calm, clean and good for the family walks!


Nice place in summer and winter too. Very good for a walk and for a good talk, for seing the sea


Wonderful city park, near the sea, perfect place for a nice walk, biking and sport. Really nice place!


Great recreation area. Nice and clean


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