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Seaside park

Varna, Bulgaria
4.4 / 9
The project of the park was created by the Czech master A. Novak in the 19th century. This picturesque garden on the seashore has long been a favorite place for walking and measured relaxation. Alleys of the square stretch along the coast, along them are flower beds, fountains and sculptures. There is a terrarium, a zoo, a dolphinarium, a sports complex, a planetarium and several museums. The park even has its own beach.
Seaside park
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Abdellatif Reghif

Excellent food. Nice staff. One of the very few restaurants around here I've been more than once!

Joel George

A really beautiful place to take a walk, jog or run... The surrounding nature and sounds make it a great place to escape the city sounds.

Cristian Givelegian

I liked to be in that park allways. It's like a little forest but with large alleys and very well groomed and neatly.

Sava Lef

The best place in Varna. Lovely park. My favorite!

Hugo Wouters

Ideal park in Varna. Boarding the sea, lush green and flowers, lot of food and drinks to enjoy. Mostly the weather is good. Also a real joy to have a .. Read more »

Monica Muntean

I liked the way the Varna's park takes you to the beach. The beach is not very large but pretty nice. The sea was pretty spectacular when hitting the .. Read more »

Catalin Hofnar

It's a quite beautiful park with an incredible view of the sea, but there's certainly a lack of upkeep. The weeds get in the way of the views, the gra.. Read more »

Fereshteh Heiati

Paradise in Varna! Very nice and beautiful place to walk, bike or run. Was amazed about the nature & beauties of this park, big thanks to the city to .. Read more »

Nathan-Lee Ambrose

A nice walk with good wide pathways ideal for wheelchair users. Very quiet considering it's close to many roads.

Jaron Smith

It's ok. It is often way too crowded on nice days. There should be a double wide bridge near the summer theater. The city needs to invest money into e.. Read more »

Simeon Dimchev

Huge and well maintained. Perfect for long walks. It is fine even noon time due to the fact that tall trees throw shade over the alleys.

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