Prague TV Tower

Prague, Czech Republic
3.8 / 5
Prague TV Tower
Address:Mahlerovy sady 1, Praha 3
Phone:+420 210 320 081


The design doesn't impress me, it looks a bit strange to be honest to see those statues of babies crawling up and down the tower. But the are is one of the best in Prague, quiet, more reserved and local. Beautiful parks and markets, cafes and shops .. Read more »


The food is great. Very expensive (about 100 Euros for 2 persons not including the wine), but made intricately and with great care. Very small portions, mind you. The view is very good. We were there in the early afternoon. The place was almost empty.. Read more »


The tower gives a nice view of the city. There is an observatory, a bar and a restaurant in the tower. The staff is friendly. Unfortunately, they have put sun blocking plastic film on the inside of the windows. This gives the view a "plastic" feel... Read more »


Awesome view of Prague, beautiful interior design on the view point floor. You can seat in a very peaceful atmosphere, on super comfortable chairs and enjoy the view. The restaurant is really good too. Professional staff, awesome food and drinks an.. Read more »


Staff was extremely friendly, despite other reviews. Amazing fine dining food that is not too overpriced. Terrific view of the entire city. A dining experience to remember. They had a champagne and caviar special that was also available. Make reserva.. Read more »


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