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Prague TV Tower

Prague, Czech Republic
3.7 / 10
“The tallest and ugliest building in Prague” - 216 meters of glass, metal and concrete, towering above the city. They do not like her and admire her, and she is a very fashionable place among the Prague youth. It is the Žižkovský vysílač a symbol inherited by the Czech Republic from the era of socialist realism.
Prague TV Tower
Prague TV Tower
Address:Mahlerovy sady 1, Praha 3
Phone:+420 210 320 081

Sebastian Skala

Very cool place within the wider range of the city center. You can take a nice trip to visit the prague space shuttle,how this tower is called by the .. Read more »

Carlos sanchez

The location and premises are very nice especially in summer. However, part of their staff is definitely dragging down the place. It completely ruins .. Read more »

Jan Zborovjan

The view is great, and... that's it. For the ticket price I would expect a bit more. At least some cosy room to sit back, rest and enjoy the view. It'.. Read more »

Char Lie

Visited it at night and oh boy i can tell those huge babys looked really scary. Creeps me out. At the top you can find a restaurant with a half panora.. Read more »

Karolina Ferfet

I find the babies on it sooooo creeepy....

Silviu Vlăsceanu

Amazing views, both up and down, but not much to do inside.


cool tower design, but the observatory sucks. there are 2 layers of windows, but the foil on the outer ones is blubbly, scratchy and blurry. so you ca.. Read more »

Kiko C

Nice view and there is a restaurant on the 3rd floor which you can access without paying a fee, however you need to order


The tower is very impressive. Downstairs a pub and a park, upstairs an observation deck and also a pub. A very interesting art installation on the tow.. Read more »

Milán Kóbor

You could say that it is ugly etc... but it wasn't meant to be beautiful. It's a unique building. Although it's true that this tower doesn't really fi.. Read more »

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