Prague Castle

Prague, Czech Republic
4.4 / 5
Prague Castle
Address:Prague 1
Phone:+420 224 373 368


Came here early one day with my partner. We saw that castle a day before we went in and the line to get through security is... insane. Like it's literally not worth it. So we decided to arrive around 8am the next day so we we didn't need to fight the.. Read more »


Definitely worth spending the day! St. Vitus cathedral is breathtaking. The Old Royal Palace is wonderful for history buffs. The 274 steps to the top of the South Tower are worth the extra admission and effort. Panoramic views of Prague await! Some p.. Read more »


We decided not to go with a tour and to explore the castle grounds on our own. I enjoyed marveling over the architecture and history contained within but I would have liked to hear more about everything. It is a beautiful place but if you’re like me .. Read more »


Wonderful to see but felt a little too much like Disney World. Definitely see the cathedral and the palace but the rest of your time spent getting lost in the streets. Make sure to bring some cash so if you feel like stopping for a drink on the way.. Read more »


Very big area to explore with amazing views of the whole city. Inside the grounds there are so many things to do and see you could spend the whole day here easily! Can be quite crowded of course but the queues move on pretty quick so it's not an inco.. Read more »


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